D-Hall rolls ankle, will have X-rays

D-Hall rolls ankle, will have X-rays
July 29, 2013, 6:00 pm
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Hall: If it was a game, I would've gone back out there

RICHMOND—Cornerback DeAngelo Hall rolled his right ankle in practice on Monday and, after briefly returning, spent the rest of the afternoon on the sidelines. 

Hall said he’ll have X-rays, but does not suspect the injury is serious.

“I kind of rolled it a little bit, so I’ll get X-rays, figure out what’s going on,” Hall said. “I feel alright, not too bad. If it was a game, I would have tried to at least get back out there. But they told me to sit down.”

Hall was backpedalling as he covered Skye Dawson when the injury occurred. Dawson, cut hard on a comeback route, Hall stopped abruptly, then went down in a heap. After getting helped to the sideline, he was tended to by the team’s training staff for several minutes.

Hall had the ankle tapped up and went back onto the field. But after sprinting down the field in coverage moments later, the 29-year-old hobbled back to the sideline. He did not return.

“Just trying to stop, it kind of hurt more than it should have,” Hall said. “I went over and told them how it felt, and they told me to come on out. …I wanted to see how it felt. When it happened, it hurt pretty bad. Felt like I got shot.” 

Hall stressed that he does not believe the injury is serious.

“It’s just part of training camp,” he added. “You get a couple of nicks and bruises. You keep fighting through them.”

Coach Mike Shanahan shares Hall’s optimism.

“I don’t think it’s really serious right now, but I know it’s quite sore,” Shanahan said. “It takes a little while before we find out for sure. Hopefully he’s okay.”