Controversy expected for Redskins, Shanahan (VIDEO)

Controversy expected for Redskins, Shanahan (VIDEO)
December 9, 2013, 5:15 pm
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Shanahan responds to consistent media criticism

The current vortex of controversy surrounding the Washington Redskins will not be letting up anytime soon, at least not according to head coach Mike Shanahan.

During a press conference Monday, Shanahan said that with a 3-10 Redskins team, new stories will emerge every day.

“I understand what goes on when you win the NFC East and all of a sudden you got three wins,” Shanahan said. “I understand what goes with the territory.”

Things had been bad for Washington as the team tumbled out of playoff contention during the last month, but the season and Shanahan’s future with the team took a significant turn when a story emerged Sunday about the relationship between Redskins owner Dan Snyder and quarterback Robert Griffin III.

The story, reported by ESPN, said that Shanahan wanted to step down as Redskins coach last season before his team played the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs due to the closeness of his owner and his quarterback. Shanahan could have quieted the noise with a simple denial of the story, but the coach instead refused to comment.

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“I understand there's going to be a different story every day,” Shanahan said. “It's not going to change over the next three weeks. There will be a different story that comes out that we will talk about.”

On Monday, Shanahan doubled down on controversy, suggesting he might shut down quarterback Robert Griffin III for the remainder of the season. Griffin has taken a lot of hits this season, and been sacked 24 times over the last five games, valid reasons to rest a struggling second-year quarterback coming off knee surgery. But in previous comments Shanahan stressed the importance of RG3 getting as many snaps as possible this season to improve for 2014.

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“You want to make sure your franchise quarterback is healthy,” the coach said, adding that any move to rest RG3 would be in “the best interest of the organization.”

Controversy, noise, whatever term that seems appropriate to describe the buzz surrounding the Redskins team is likely not going away.

“We're 3-10. That's what happens when you're 3-10,” Shanahan said. “We can't talk about the playoffs. We can't talk about our draft choice. We don't have a first-round draft choice.”

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