Cofield didn't see preferential treatment for RG3

Cofield didn't see preferential treatment for RG3
December 10, 2013, 11:30 am
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Could RGIII be sidelined for Falcons game?

Redskins’ veteran Barry Cofield says he has not noticed quarterback Robert Griffin III receiving preferential treatment from ownership, as a recent ESPN report suggested. 

That, of course, doesn’t mean it never happened. Cofield acknowledged that. It was, however, interesting that Cofield says even if ownership did request additional security for Griffin and his family, that wouldn't be out of the ordinary or create a problem in the locker room.

“No, I haven’t seen any of that, honestly,” Cofield said. “Some of the things I read about, like security and things like that, it was kind of laughable to me. I don’t need security. Robert is a vastly more popular person that could possibly cause a commotion when in public and things like that. I really think it would be feasible that he would need security depending on the setting that he’s in.”

The ESPN report, published Sunday hours before the Redskins hosted the Chiefs, said ownership’s preferential treatment of Griffin, among other things, led to a strained relationship between Shanahan and owner Dan Snyder. 

From the article:

A team source said Shanahan had grown weary by January of the way Snyder treated Griffin, empowering his quarterback and helping make him feel bigger than the team. The issue apparently carried over into the offseason and into this season.

Snyder regularly sent his security team to accompany Griffin when he went out in Washington. Snyder's personal driver was spotted picking up Griffin's then-fiancee (now wife) at road games.

Cofield said sending security to accompany Griffin—and other off the field perks—would not create any jealousy or hard feelings in the locker room. If a player received preferential treatment around Redskins Park, that, however, would be a different story, he said. But Cofield, an eight-year professional and co-captain of the defense, said he has not noticed any of that.

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“Little behind-the-scenes stuff like that, obviously, that’s nothing that anybody else would know about,” Cofield said on a conference call with reporters. “But as far as what goes on in our locker room and our meeting rooms and all the things that really matter to a football team, I don’t see any of that.”

He added: “If you’re talking about off the field stuff that has nothing to with football, I don’t think that has anything to with anything. If there were guys that didn’t have to come to meetings or didn’t have to practice or run or lift, that could be a problem. And Robert’s one of the hardest working guys on the team and is tireless in the meeting room. So like I said, I don’t see any of that having any effect on this team and it really hasn’t come up. The story kind of caught everybody off-guard.”