Clinton Portis goes on wild ride through Charlotte (PICS)

Clinton Portis goes on wild ride through Charlotte (PICS)
March 4, 2014, 2:45 pm
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When things were going right, there was no bigger star on the Washington Redskins than former running back Clinton Portis. Known for his sense of humor, Portis delivered strong running on the field and great jokes and stories for fans and media alike. Who can forget Southeast Jerome and the other cast of characters Portis created?

While he no longer runs the ball, Portis maintains his good humor. In Charlotte to do television work, Portis took to Twitter to detail a wild day. Typically, when TV stations bring in former athletes they will set up a ride to and from the station. Much like the service Uber, the rides usually come in sleek black Lincoln Town Cars or something similar. The drivers are well dressed and professional.

For Portis on Monday, that was not the case. 

In the age of the Internet, the rule is pictures or it didn't happen. Portis proved it.

The ride didn't get much better.

Portis handled the bizarre ride, the baby seat and the fried chicken in typical CP fashion: he laughed it off. 

"I put my bag on the baby seat and I got in the front. The lady was eating Bojangles [chicken]. I said 'this gotta be a prank,'" Portis told TMZ Sports. "We were at a red light and she punched the gas. We spun out. I couldn't stop laughing." 

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