Can the Redskins trade up for Cyprien?

Can the Redskins trade up for Cyprien?
April 26, 2013, 2:30 pm
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The Redskins are in a good spot tonight but not in a great one.

Johnathan Cyprien, safety out of Florida International, is still on the board. He is the best remaining safety and he would fill the Redskins’ biggest hole.

Why this is not a great spot is that Cyprien is likely to be gone by the time the Redskins’ second-round pick, the 19th in the round and 51st overall. Could the Redskins move up to take him?

The short answer is that they could. Per the draft pick trade value chart, the highest pick they could obtain by dealing away two picks, their second- and third-rounders, would be about the 36th pick, early in the second. That would almost certainly put them into position to grab the athletic Cyprien. However, it would also deprive them of the player they could get with that third rounder, the 85th overall. They would have to decide if Cyprien alone is better than the two players they could get with their own picks. In a draft that is said to be 100 players deep and pretty even after the first round, that seems doubtful.

Suppose there is an early run on some quarterbacks or at another position and Cyprien slides some. Could the Redskins get him for a lesser pick?

Yes, but it would have to be quite a slide. Their second and fourth rounders would move them up about six spots into the mid-40’s overall. That means that Cyprien would have to last about 15 picks into the round and that does not seem likely.

What about lower picks? A fifth rounder could be used to jump a team or two, the lower picks won’t get them anywhere. They are of no use in landing Johnathan Cyprien.

The Redskins only shot at trading up for Cyprien would be if a team wanted to move back from a pick so badly that they would be willing to accept a highly discounted price for it. The Raiders and Cowboys both made deals where they got way less than the chart value of their original picks to move back and it is in the realm of possibility that such an offer could fall into the Redskins’ lap.

The other possibility is to sit and wait and hope that 18 teams address other needs and Cyprien is on the board when pick 51 rolls around. Again, not likely but that’s probably their best shot if he is going to wind up in burgundy and gold.

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