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Can the Redskins flip their turnover ratio?

Can the Redskins flip their turnover ratio?

By Tarik El-Bashir and Rich Tandler
CSNwashington.com20 questions in 20 daysAs we count down to the first game of the Redskins season, Tarik El-Bashir and Rich Tandler are going to be looking at some of the big questions facing the team and attempting to look into their crystal balls and answer them.Question 11:Can the Redskins flip their turnover ratio?The background:The 2011 Redskins were tied for 30thin the NFL last year with a minus-14 turnover ratio. They suffered on both ends of the equation. They gave the ball up 35 times on interceptions (24) and fumbles (11). They managed to pilfer just 13 passes and recover eight fumbles. Bottom line, its hard to win games when you are giving the team an average on one net additional possession game. Improvement for the 2012 Redskins has to start here. A run to a .500 record or better just isn't going to happen if they are again double digits in the hole in giveaway-takeaway.Tandler:I think that the Redskins can improve on the giveaway part of the turnover formula even with a rookie quarterback at the helm. Robert Griffin III has gone the whole preseason without coming close to throwing an interception. He is not going to duplicate that in 16 regular season games but he is accurate and while he will make mistakes we havent seen him make any of the why did he throw that pass there variety. Im not so sure how much they can improve on takeaways. During the preseason they have continued their maddening propensity to drop potential interceptions that are right in their hands. Even newcomers like Richard Crawford and Bryan Kehl have caught the hands of stone malady. The obviously need to do better here if they are going to improve their turnover numbers.El-Bashir:I also see the potential for improvement in this department. The question is how much? First, I agree with Rich about Griffins crucial role in reversing the trend. Although the rookie quarterback lost two fumbles in three preseason games, he did not throw an interception. He also didnt pass much (31 attempts) but from the little we witnessed, its clear hell be more careful with the ball than his pickoff prone predecessor. Rex Grossman ranked tied for the third most interceptions in 2011 with 20; Id be surprised of Griffin even approaches that figure. DeAngelo Hall could be another factor in flipping the turnover ration. If he lines up, as expected, as a nickel corner, that will give him more opportunities for interceptions. He picked off three passes last season, a drop from six in 2010.20 questions in 20 days20 Aug.20Will Jammal Brown play this year?
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11 TodayCan the Redskins flip their turnover ratio?
10 TomorrowHow much can Hightower contribute this year?
9 FridayWas making Billy Cundiff the kicker a good move?

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Quinton Dunbar did something Redskins haven't done since before Facebook existed

Quinton Dunbar did something Redskins haven't done since before Facebook existed

Quinton Dunbar had one heck of a day in New York on Sunday in the Redskins 29-27 win over the Giants. 

Dunbar grabbed an interception and made a catch in the same game, something no Redskins player has done since Champ Bailey on Christmas Eve in 2000. That was the last days of Bill Clinton's presidency, and four years prior to the invention of Facebook. 

Dunbar's impressive feat was not done in vain either. Both the catch and interception were huge plays for Washington, one bigger than the next, in a game that swung back and forth for four quarters. 

In the third quarter, Dunbar lined up as the gunner as the Redskins went to punt. Only the Redskins faked the punt, and Tress Way fired a pass down the left sideline to Dunbar. It was no easy catch either; Dunbar had to jump for the ball and had a defender right on him. 

Later, as the Giants were driving to extend their fourth quarter lead and deep in 'Skins territory, Dunbar made an excellent one-handed leaping interception. It was a very athletic play and gave Kirk Cousins and the Washington offense the ball on what would prove to be a scoring drive. 

In 2015 Dunbar proved his versatility to be a real asset for the Redskins. A receiver in college at the University of Florida, Washington flipped Dunbar to the other side of the ball to be a cornerback. As the 'Skins took off in the second half of last season, Dunbar came to be a integral part of the teams secondary. 

That same versatility showed Sunday in New  York, and now it has Dunbar's name next to Champ Bailey in the Redskins history books. 

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Odell Beckham gets yards, but Josh Norman's Redskins get the win

Odell Beckham gets yards, but Josh Norman's Redskins get the win

Hype doesn't even begin to describe the attention put on Sunday's matchup between Josh Norman and Odell Beckham. The pairing of star cornerback and star receiver overshadowed the Redskins-Giants game, even though Washington came in desperate for a win.

Beckham versus Norman didn't disappoint either. It's overly simplifying the chess match between the two to declare a victor, but one side definitely left Giants Stadium smiling. 

Make no mistake, Beckham got his. He recorded seven catches on 11 targets for more than 100 yards.  But it's what Beckham didn't do - score a touchdown - that stands out.

Norman's play was solid throughout. He almost snagged a first half interception of Eli Manning and delivered a big hit on rookie Sterling Shepard in the second half that resulted in a personal foul penalty.

In the end though, Norman's team won. And that's what matters.  

"It's an awesome day. Straight awesome day," Norman said after the game.

As the players took the field before the game, the Giants Stadium crowd shouted a lot of ugly comments Norman's direction. Then throughout the game Norman was repeatedly booed by the crowd.

"Towards the end I was just celebrating with my teammates, victoriously, you can't ask for nothing better than that."

Much too much was made of the Beckham/Norman pairing, and perhaps for the next NFC East game between the 'Skins and Giants the focus will be different. But on Sunday, Norman and Beckham were the story.

"He made some plays and I made my plays," Norman said of Beckham.

"We got a team win. That's what it was – the Washington Redskins versus the New York Giants."

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