Can the Redskins afford to keep Potter?

Can the Redskins afford to keep Potter?
August 21, 2013, 5:30 am
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Your Wednesday morning open thread:

In the Redskins’ first two preseason games, kickoff specialist John Potter has shown his strong leg. In fact, he’s had six kickoffs and put all of them into the end zone, with two resulting in touchbacks.

Incumbent kicker Kai Forbath, meantime, has shown improved leg strength. He’s had two kickoffs and sent one eight yards deep into the end zone. (The other was kicked from Washington’s 20-yard line after Fred Davis’s excessive celebration foul in Tennessee.) Forbath is also 1 for 1 on field goals.

So here are today’s questions: Do the Redskins need to keep Potter? And can they afford to spend a roster spot on a second kicker?

I don’t think they can, particularly if they intend to keep three quarterbacks and four tight ends. It's going to be too tight.

Furthermore, Forbath was the NFL’s most accurate kicker last season on field goals and, so far, it's apparent that he worked hard on improving his one weakness (last year only 24 percent of his kickoffs resulted in touchbacks). I’d give Forbath more time to prove that he can be the well-rounded kicker the Redskins hope he’ll develop into.