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Cam says he's 'a big RG3 fan'


Cam says he's 'a big RG3 fan'

As Cam Newton and Robert Griffin III faced off Sunday at FedEx, whether the two quarterbacks liked it or not the comparisons were inevitable. Both young signal callers were Heisman winners, they're mobile, they both had (and are having) breakout rookie seasons and the list goes on...oh and both have been charged with leading their teams out of obscurity. No pressure, no diamonds, right?

Anyways, Griffin addressed being likened to Newton prior to the match-up saying,

“We do run similar schemes. There’s a lot of similarities. But I don’t know. I’d rather be compared to an Aaron Rodgers or a guy like that, someone who’s won Super Bowls."

A fairly innocuous comment, but it did sound as though RG3 was growing tired of being in anyone's shadow as the rookie has demonstrated he can hold his own in this league. One thing is for sure, however, the comment simply provided more fuel for the media fire as Washington set to host Carolina.

Newton had a poignant rebuttal for the comment, which came in the form of a 21-13 victory over Redskins Sunday during Washington's Homecoming no less. Newton also addressed the comments in his post game press conference,

“But for you guys to know, I’m a big RG3 fan...I can’t be at his head because he said he didn’t want to be like me. That’s nothing that I have to frown upon. That’s him and what he thinks and what makes him Robert Griffin III and I think what makes me Cameron Newton.”

Perhaps notching the 'W' helped, but Cam did not shy away from giving Robert a little advice after the game and had high praise for the rookie,

"I did speak to him, and what I told him was kind of personal. His skillset and what he brings to this football game is very rare. I know it, you know it, everybody knows it, and I just told him in a synopsis to keep going, to keep fighting because it’s a long season and with his skillset he can have a long career.”

Griffin was a little more candid about the exchange,

“He gave me his number, told me to contact him. Basically, we are both two young quarterbacks in this league trying to get better, trying to lead our teams to victory. I told him I think that his team has a lot of talent and the possibilities are endless for them and I feel the same way about our team. The media will say the record is what you are, but I just don’t feel like our record is what we are.”

Newton further supported the notion that regardless of the match-up it's all about winning and improving the team's record, 

“RGIII and knowing RGIII and just getting the win is important to me. I respect RG and everything that he does and especially with this defense that’s led by London Fletcher. Those guys, we beat a good team especially at their house… I just think anytime you get an opportunity to win in this football league you have to reward yourself. I say just winning was important to me.”

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Rex and Rob Ryan seen hanging out in Nationals jerseys

Rex and Rob Ryan seen hanging out in Nationals jerseys

If you're a football fan, chances are you already know that Rex and Rob Ryan are a bit nuts. With the Buffalo Bills in town to play the Redskins in a preseason matchup Friday, it appears the Ryans are doing their best to try and fit in with the locals.

Check out this picture a sharp-eyed fan took Friday afternoon:

Those two guys sure look an awful lot like Rex and Rob Ryan.

According to the Tweet they were at the restaurant MXDC Cocina Mexicana located in Northwest D.C. That would make sense since the Redskins are hosting Buffalo on Friday night and Rex is the head coach of the Bills and Rob is an assistant coach. Plus, if we know anything about the Ryans, it's that they like to eat.

So what's with the Nationals jerseys? Here's my theory:

They're weird.

From appearing in an Adam Sandler movie, to dressing up like each other, to...whatever the heck this is, the Ryan brothers are fun to follow just because you never know what they're going to do next. This is just the latest example.

The Ryans will be on the sidelines tonight, presumably wearing Buffalo gear, as the Redskins host the Bills in their third preseason game. Kickoff is at 7:30 p.m.


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Cowboys rookie Ezekiel Elliott spotted at marijuana dispensary in Seattle

Cowboys rookie Ezekiel Elliott spotted at marijuana dispensary in Seattle

Football players are expected to scout opponents before a game, but Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott scouted much more than that on the team's strip to Seattle.

The Cowboys played the Seattle Seahawks in a preseason game on Thursday in Seattle and Elliott took in a bit of the local scenary. TMZ reported Thursday that Elliott was seen at a Seattle marijuana dispensary hilariously named "Herban Legends" earlier in the day. Elliott was seen on video and even posed for a picture with a fan. He did not appear to buy any items.

Marijuana is legal in Washington state and it is not unusual for tourists to visit local dispensaries even if they do not intend to buy anything. Marijuana is still banned in the NFL, however, and the Cowboys were not thrilled with Elliott's day trip.

"It's just not good," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. "That's a part of just really getting the big picture here."

That's the same Jerry Jones who tirelessly defended Greg Hardy last season.

On the field, Elliott looked great. He received high marks (pun intended) for his performance against the Seahawks, rushing for 48 yards on seven carries. He even ran over safety Kam Chancellor on one play, bouncing off the bruising safety with relative ease.

Now he just has to be a bit more careful for how he spends his time off the field.


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Redskins will find out if Stork is an upgrade at center

Redskins will find out if Stork is an upgrade at center

Don’t look for newly-acquired Redskins center Bryan Stork to appear in tonight’s preseason game against the Bills. But look for him to move into the picture on the Washington offensive line sooner rather than later.

The Redskins gave up a conditional seventh-round draft pick in order to bring in Stork. After a reported brief flirtation with retirement the 2014 fourth-round pick of the Patriots is set to report to the Redskins, probably sometime this weekend.

The Redskins have been looking to improve the center position all year. They likely would have drafted Alabama center Ryan Kelly in the first round last spring had the Colts not scooped him up a few picks before the Redskins went on the clock. They have tried to convert Spencer Long from guard to center but that seems to be more of a long-term project than immediate help.

They would have been content to go into the season with Kory Lichtensteiger at center, although wary that the 31-year-old could have more health issues after he missed 11 games last year with a neck/shoulder injury. But when Stork became available the Redskins at a low price they jumped at the chance. Even if he isn’t not an upgrade over the incumbent starter—and until the coaches see him working some in the Washington offense they don’t really know—he is at worst a better option as a backup than Long, 2015 seventh-round pick Austin Reiter, or Josh LeRibeus, who was shaky filling in when Lichtensteiger last year.

Again, the price was right for Stork. A seventh-round pick and salaries of $600,000 this year and $690,000 next year, and no guaranteed money for a player who has been the primary starter for a very good team for two years is the very definition of a low-risk move.

But it should be noted that low risk does not mean no risk. Stork has suffered multiple concussions in his first two years in the league. The nightmare scenario would be for Stork to become a starter the team relies on and then suffer from concussions or other injuries.

To be sure, any player can suffer an injury at any time. Sometimes player have issues with concussions or other injuries and learn how to avoid them and stay healthy. Stork’s injury risk may be higher than that of an average player but it’s something the Redskins are willing to live with.

Even if Stork does prove to be a better option at center than Lichtensteiger don’t look for an immediate change to be made. It will take some time for the competition to sort itself out and for Stork to become familiar enough with the offense, protections, line calls, etc. They probably would like to wait four weeks before playing him although an emergency could push him to be ready sooner.