Bruce Smith punked Fred Smoot as a rookie

Bruce Smith punked Fred Smoot as a rookie
July 30, 2013, 8:00 pm
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During his playing days Fred Smoot was known as a loud mouth, and it appears little has changed for Smoot in retirement.

Reminiscing on his rookie training camp in 2001, Smoot recalled being pranked by Hall of Fame defensive end Bruce Smith. Both Smith and Smoot played with the Redskins in the early 2000s.

Being a rookie, the veteran Smith expected Smoot to sing the fight song from his alma mater. Smoot refused. 

Smith retaliated, first taping Smoot to the goal post, and later by throwing the vocal rookie cornerback's clothes out of his dorm room and onto the ground. 

Smoot, with his famous Southern drawl, tells the tale best.