Broncos' Holliday poses a big threat

Broncos' Holliday poses a big threat
October 24, 2013, 2:45 pm
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3 and out: Keys to a Redskins win in Denver

If limiting Peyton Manning is tops on the Redskins’ to-do list on Sunday, keeping Trindon Holliday out of the end zone is a close second.

Holliday, the Broncos’ 5 foot 5 returner, is the only player in the NFL this season who has returned both a kickoff and a punt for a touchdown. Holliday is also third in average yards per kickoff return (34.9).

The Redskins’ coverage units, meantime, have been struggling. Dwayne Harris and Devin Hester have each returned a punt for a score the past two weeks.

“World class speed,” Niles Paul said of Holliday. “Slippery. Hard to tackle. With his speed, you’ll see him one second and then he’s gone in a flash.”

Trenton Robinson said Holliday’s speed is only half of what makes him so dangerous. Holliday is also decisive, Robinson noted. He does very little dancing around. Instead, he quickly scans the field, locates the hole and then hits it hard.

“Fast, man,” Robinson said. “He was a world class sprinter in college. With someone that fast, all it takes is a wrong angle. You have to stay in your lane and do your job. If there’s any type of gap, he’s going to hit it.”

Paul, however, believes this is the week the Redskins’ coverage units get it together.

“We have to be great in coverage this week,” Paul said. “We gave up a touchdown last week, but I like the attitude and effort that everybody had on the coverage unit last week. It was completely different than it had been the [previous] couple of weeks. I can only see us improving.”  

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