Bailey's advice to RG3: 'Let your game speak for itself'

Bailey's advice to RG3: 'Let your game speak for itself'
January 30, 2014, 12:00 pm
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Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey hasn’t played in Washington since 2003. But that didn’t stop reporters from asking the 12-time Pro Bowler about his five seasons with the Redskins and, of course, Robert Griffin III. 

It also didn’t stop Bailey from sharing his thoughts on both subjects. 

"I almost feel like he's in the spotlight too much,” Bailey said Thursday, asked about Griffin and the media spotlight in Washington. “He's always on TV.” 

Bailey added: “It's unfortunate because I know he just wants to be a football player. They give him a lot of attention. It's definitely a big market. The fan base there is tremendous. I know he will come out of that and have a great career. It's just right now when you're losing, everybody wants to beat you up."

Bailey also offered some advice to Griffin, who earned offensive rookie of the year honors in 2012 but finished last season on the bench. 

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“Pretty much what I offer all of our young guys now--just play the game,” Bailey said. “Let your game speak for itself. Work hard, never doubt your abilities, and never think that you're good enough. You always have to keep working like you're at the bottom and trying to get to the top, but [also] believing that you've got what it takes.” 

On Sunday, Bailey, a 15-year NFL veteran, will make his first Super Bowl appearance when Denver faces Seattle at MetLife Stadium.  

Asked about his own tenure with the Redskins, the team that drafted him seventh overall in 1999 and traded him to Denver for Clinton Portis before the 2004 season, Bailey acknowledged that the move gave him “a little motivation.” 

But the 35-year-old also said he wouldn’t change a thing about his stint with the Redskins.

"It was a learning experience,” Bailey said. “I didn't know half as much as I do now about the game back then. It was a great five years in Washington. I played great but not a lot of wins to talk about [during] my last four years there. I did make the playoffs my rookie year. Unfortunately they didn't want me there anymore. Here I am a Denver Bronco, probably the best thing to happen in my career. "

“I think I played the game at a high level,” he continued. “I competed my butt off, and I did everything I could to help my team win. I don't have any regrets. I don't make those calls. My play speaks for itself. The management had an opportunity to resign me, trade me, cut me, whatever they want to do. I just let my play speak for itself, and I have no regrets about anything that happened."