Are the Redskins focusing too much on RG3?

Are the Redskins focusing too much on RG3?
January 24, 2014, 2:30 pm
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Are the Redskins paying too much attention to Robert Griffin III?

For the second time this week, we have a report of a conversation that Jay Gruden had with a national reporter. The subject of both articles was Griffin and how Gruden intends to use him. Let’s set aside for a moment that Gruden delivered a mixed message about whether or not Griffin is going to be a pocket passer. The two statements from Gruden have many thinking that the Redskins are focused on Griffin at the expense of the other players on the roster (and those who have yet to be added to the roster via the draft and free agency).

“Caller was so right ...until the #Redskins focus on 53 players and not ONE player they will continue to lose,” tweeted @Crewof42 in a typical reaction on Twitter, talk radio and comment sections.

It’s easy to see from an observer’s point of view. If all you hear Jay Gruden talk about is RG3, one might think that the QB is the only thing on his mind.

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The mistake these fans and others are making, however, is that Gruden is just answering the questions he’s asked. The editors for Peter Kind and Dan Pompei do not want their writers to ask about how Gruden plans to get Perry Riley signed and move him into London Fletcher’s role as the quarterback of the defense or if he thinks Tyler Polumbus is capable of remaining as the starting right tackle in his offense. The editors want the national writers to ask about RG3. He is the one who sells newspapers and magazines and generates buzz and web clicks. Not Riley, not Polumbus, not even Trent Williams or Alfred Morris.

Subsequently, the public hears about Griffin a lot. People care about quarterbacks. The readers here can probably name three Broncos besides Peyton Manning (or can you?). The average fan on the street and in front of his computer surfing around can’t. They want to hear about the QB.

But behind the closed doors at Redskins Park, much more than just Griffin talk is going on. They are discussing the roles of Riley, Polumbus, Jarvis Jenkins, Aldrick Robinson, and everyone else on the roster as well as hundreds of potential draft picks and free agent pickups.

The completely RG3-centric world exists only outside of Redskins Park. Don’t confuse those in the media who are focused on Griffin (mostly because that is what their readers want) with the actual goings on at the team headquarters. 

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