And the Redskins' 2012 record will be . . .

And the Redskins' 2012 record will be . . .
September 8, 2012, 4:19 pm
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Earlier this week, we asked Redskins fans to vote on who they thought would win each game. Now, its Rich Tandler's turn to do that. Here are my picks for all 16 games along with how the fans voted.Tandlers predictions add up to an 8-8 season. The fans came up with an 11-5 record; looks like we should have asked for playoff predictions, too.@ Saints: LossI think that RG3 and company will hang with the Saints for a while but its just too much to expect them to outscore Drew Brees and the Saints.
Fans: Loss 55-45@ Rams: WinThe Redskins probably wont want to face the Rams in a few years when they have had a chance to utilize all those draft picks they got in the RG3 deal but right now the Redskins are better.
Fans: Win 97-3Bengals: WinEven if they dont go back to being a cupcake like the seem to do in alternating seasons, Cincinnati should be beatable in RG3s official FedEx Field debut.
Fans: Win 80-20@ Bucs: WinThe Redskins will pass the test and beat a bad team on the road.
Fans: Win 93-7Falcons: LossToo bad this isnt a playoff game as Atlanta just cant win in the postseason.
Fans: Loss 64-36Vikings: WinFor the third year in a row, a bad Vikings team comes to FedEx Field. After two Minnesota wins, the third time should be a charm for the home team.
Fans: Win 97-3@ Giants: LossHard to imagine winning in the Meadowlands two years in a row.
Fans: Loss 51-49@ Steelers: LossThey may be starting to decline a bit but its hard to see the Steelers losing this one.
Fans: Loss 62-38Panthers: WinThe more experienced Cam may outplay RG3 but the Redskins should do enough to pull this one out.
Fans: Win 90-10Eagles: WinThe Eagles will be very good but very inconsistent. It says here the Redskins catch them on a down week in this one.
Fans: Win 67-33@ Cowboys: LossMaybe someday the Redskins will win in Dallas on Thanksgiving. It doesnt look like this is the year.
Fans: Win 65-35Giants: LossUnder the bright Monday night lights, the Redskins will show well but the Giants end up stealing a win.
Fans: Win 80-20Ravens: LossThe Redskins just arent in the Ravens classyet.
Fans: Loss 55-45@ Browns: WinThe Browns look like one of the worst teams in NFL right now. They will be better by mid-December but so will the Redskins.
Fans: Win 97-3@ Eagles: LossThey wont catch Philly looking past them twice in a row.
Fans: Win 53-47Cowboys: WinRedskins end the season on a high note, either knocking Dallas out of the playoffs or at least damaging their playoff seed.
Fans: Win 88-12