Allen said Redskins 'never contemplated a lawsuit' in cap case

Allen said Redskins 'never contemplated a lawsuit' in cap case
March 11, 2013, 5:45 pm
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Bruce Allen said that the Redskins will still make efforts to get back some of the $36 million in salary cap space that the NFL took away a year ago. However, the team will not take legal action in order to accomplish that as had been reported by some in the media.

“We have never contemplated a lawsuit,” he said.

Speaking to reporters at Redskins Park, Allen said that the team found out about the penalty from agents and media reports the day before free agency started a year ago. He said that the team wasn’t warned and he complained about the process saying, “We don’t believe we were fairly represented in the case.”

Allen said that the penalty was "a travesty of fairness".

The reason given for the cap penalty was that the Redskins used the uncapped 2010 season to gain a competitive advantage. The NFL Management Council and the NFL Players Association voted to impose the cap sanctions. Allen said that they were not warned during the uncapped period that such penalties might be imposed two years after the fact.

Allen would not get into specifics on what the team might to in an effort regain the lost cap room.

"There are some [options],” he said. “We're going to continue to try to find the truth."

It does appear that efforts to get the sanctions overturned have been ongoing as Mike Shanahan, speaking after Allen had finished, said that he had hope that they could regain cap space until sometime on Sunday.

Both Allen and Shanahan said that they would comply with the penalty and operate under their lowered cap limit unless and until the league told them otherwise.

“This is an agreement between the NFL and NFLPA,” said Allen. "And, as with any rule that is an agreement between the two, all teams have to abide by it."

Allen and Shanahan also said that they would not use the cap issue as an excuse for poor performance on the field.

"I have some high expectations even though there will be some bumps," said Shanahan.

The Redskins won the NFC East title last year despite taking $18 million of the salary cap penalty in 2012. They are getting hit with the second $18 million this year.