49ers Smith not fined for low blow on RG3

49ers Smith not fined for low blow on RG3
November 29, 2013, 3:45 pm
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According to an NFL spokesman, 49ers defensive end Aldon Smith will not be find for delivering a kick to the groin of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III during last Monday's game.

The play happened early in the third quarter. Griffin delivered a pass to Josh Morgan and replays clearly showed Smith clearly delivering a kick below Griffin's belt. 

No penalty was called on the play. That was somewhat surprising outcome since there could be no purpose for Smith to move his leg the way that he did other than to give a swift kick to RG3's, as the quarterback put it, "gonads".

It's even more surprising that the league decided to let it go after reviewing it. If it is open season on the groins of NFL quarterbacks there could be a lot of pain being dished out by NFL defenders. 

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