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20 questions in 20 days: 13 Will Hankerson break out?

20 questions in 20 days: 13 Will Hankerson break out?

By Rich Tandler and Tarik El-Bashir
CSNwashington.com20 questions in 20 daysAs we count down to the first game of the Redskins season, Tarik El-Bashir and Rich Tandler are going to be looking at some of the big questions facing the team and attempting to look into their crystal balls and answer them.Question 13:Will Leonard Hankerson have a breakout season?The background:The Redskins thought they got a steal when they took Hankerson in the third round in 2011. Early in the year it looked like they may have been too high on the Miami product as he struggled with drops. But when he finally got his chance to be in a featured role in the offense he produced, catching eight passes for 106 yards against the Dolphins in Week 10. That turned out to be his last game of the season, however, as he suffered a hip injury and went on injured reserve. Injury rehab had him sidelined for most of OTAs and minicamp but he appears to be fully healthy and ready to go.Tandler:When the Redskins signed Pierre Garon and Josh Morgan in free agency, it looked like they were hedging their bets on Hankersons health. But with Hankerson healthy the Redskins could have a quartet of potent weapons at receiver with Garon, Morgan, Hankerson, and Santana Moss. Hankerson could emerge as a dual threat receiver in this group with the ability to move the chains on third and five and to get open deep. That could make him one of Robert Griffin IIIs best friends and that could add up to a Hankerson stat line of 60 catches for 850 yards and six touchdowns. That would constitute a breakout season in my book.El-Bashir:I like Hankersons chances of enjoying a breakout season. First, the 23-year-old appears fully recovered from offseason hip surgery. Second, he finally seems comfortable in Coach Mike Shanahans offense, one season after he occasionally looked lost in it. And third, its possible hell find himself matched against weaker defensive backs as opposing teams look to shut down Robert Griffin IIIs favorite target, Pierre Garon. I also like Hankersons size. At 6 foot 2, 211-pounds, hes the Redskins biggest receiver. Now, he just needs to prove hes gotten over last seasons maddening case of the drops. Fifty-plus receptions, 700 yards and five touchdowns would constitute a successful season, I think.20 questions in 20 days20 Aug.20Will Jammal Brown play this year?
19 Aug.21Will Chris Cooley make the team?
18 Aug. 22Can Brandon Meriweather get he job done at safety?
17 Aug. 23Is Garon a No. 1 receiver?
16 Aug. 24Can Trent Williams go from good to great?
15 Aug. 25Can DeAngelo Hall be a defensive playmaker?
14 Aug. 26Can Santana Moss regain his old form?
13 YesterdayCan Orakpo post 15 sacks?
12 TodayWill Leonard Hankerson break out?
11 TomorrowCan the Redskins flip their turnover ratio?
10 ThursdayHow much can Hightower contribute this year?

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WATCH: Jay Gruden, Kirk Cousins and the Redskins arrive at Heathrow Airport

WATCH: Jay Gruden, Kirk Cousins and the Redskins arrive at Heathrow Airport

Wearing matching team sweatsuits — as well as matching looks of weariness — the Redskins landed at Heathrow Airport on Friday around 9 a.m. local time and were greeted by eager fans looking to get a rare glimpse of their visiting favorite NFL team.

Scot McCloughan, DeSean Jackson and Chris Baker were seen striding through the jetway after the group's plane arrived. Inside of the terminal, Jay Gruden, Kirk Cousins and Josh Norman posed for selfies and signed some autographs for a handful of supporters donning Burgundy and Gold. 

To see all of CSN's footage of Washington's first steps in London, watch the video in the player above.


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A tribute to a fallen hero: CSNMA's top ten Vines of all time

A tribute to a fallen hero: CSNMA's top ten Vines of all time

There are 14,400 six-second increments in every day, which means a single six-second increment is usually not all that important. That all changed in January 2013, however, when Vine launched and turned any six second window into a place of endless possibilities. 

Sadly, on Thursday, Twitter announced that it was going to discontinue Vine, and the app was going to fade away in the near future. Vine's website will be kept online, but that shouldn't be taken as any sort of good news; once the app goes away, so, too, does the chance to create new material.

As our form of tribute to what's become a social media staple, here are the 10 best Vines CSNMA has captured in the past few years. Feel free to play this song as you begin watching to truly enhance the somber mood. 

10) If every state had an official Vine, like they do flags and mottos and birds, this would be Pennsylvania's state Vine:

9) When you have a goal, you have to give 110 percent to accomplish that goal. You have to fight for it, sacrifice for it and do anything to complete it. It should be all that you think about, from the second you wake up in the morning to the moment you close your eyes at night.

But, if you get tired after a few seconds, it's OK to move on:

8) Most bosses would terminate you the instant you gave them a purple nurple. Jay Gruden isn't most bosses.

7) Vine became really relevant about four years ago and lived a bright and intense life, but it looks like it's going to disappear far too soon.

Sounds a lot like this former Redskins quarterback:

6) Stephen A. Smith would disagree with the inclusion of this Vine:

5) When the Running Man phenomenon swept the nation a few months ago, a lot of people did the dance really well. Then you have these two:

4) Is it too late to get Alex Ovechkin on the presidential ticket? 

3) It takes a special person to essentially turn Bryce Harper into a muscular medal rack:

2) It should be a law that anyone who wants to play hockey must first view this Vine before deciding whether to actually pursue the sport:

1) CSNMA's Vine account has roughly 65 million views. This clip, which is the living embodiment of the phrase, "Right place, right time," has 45 million of those views. Kirk Cousins is to CSNMA's Vine views what Justin Bieber is to YouTube's video views:

Farewell, old friend.