??AP Pro32 ballot from Lynch??

??AP Pro32 ballot from Lynch??
October 9, 2012, 5:34 pm
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Ballot and comments from AP Pro 32 panel voter John Lynch of Fox Sports:

Week 6

JOHN LYNCH (Fox Sports)

1. Houston Texans - The Texans are the class of the league right now with dominant players in J.J. Watt, Arian Foster and Andre Johnson. Fun to watch!

2. Atlanta Falcons - The Falcons have not been as sharp the last couple of weeks, but they are finding different ways to win. Sitting pretty at 5-0 with the Raiders on deck and then the bye week.

3. San Francisco 49ers - The AFC East is waving the white flag as the 49ers have pummeled the Jets and Bills in successive weeks.

4. Baltimore Ravens - That was a "turn back the clock" to the Ravens circa 2000 win led by a dominant defensive effort for the Ravens, besting the Chiefs 9-6. Another win nonetheless as the Ravens keep winning.

5. New England Patriots - Balance is the new word in New England as the Patriots feel that could be the difference between getting to Super Bowls and winning Super Bowls!

6. Chicago Bears - The Bears defense is scoring TD's at a record pace and the offense is "finding it's way." The Bears will be tough to beat with this equation.

7. New York Giants - The Giants started slow against the Browns, but then caught fire. To catch fire for the season, they need to get healthy in the secondary.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers - The Steelers beat the Eagles, but have to be concerned as Troy Polamalu reinjured his calf.

9. Philadelphia Eagles - Once the Eagles start protecting the football, this team will be tough to deal with. The defense is one of the better ones in the NFL and we all know how explosive this offense can be.

10. Minnesota Vikings - The Vikings continue to impress. Percy Harvin has been unleashed and the league is struggling to find an answer. The defense has been very good.

11. Green Bay Packers - A tough draw for the Packers facing the Colts in the wake of Colts coach Chuck Pagano's leukemia diagnosis.

12. Arizona Cardinals - Kolb won't survive much longer unless his offensive line starts protecting him better and he starts getting rid of it earlier. 17 sacks in the last 2 weeks. Do you think he is sore?

13. Denver Broncos - The Broncos aren't there yet as a team. I believe they will keep getting better, but that needs to be reflected in the urgency they play with.

14. Seattle Seahawks - This team plays tough and their defense keeps them in most games. They need to find a way to generate more points offensively.

15. Dallas Cowboys - Hopefully the bye week allowed the Cowboys to figure out if they want to make a run this year. We shall see!

16. San Diego Chargers - Where has the fourth quarter mojo gone for Philip Rivers and the Chargers?

17. Cincinnati Bengals - A surprising loss to an improving Dolphins team.

18. St. Louis Rams - Back to back division W's against the Seahawks and Cardinals. Impressive, very impressive. The loss of Danny Amendola will hurt.

19. Washington Redskins - A hard fought loss to the Falcons. The bigger loss was that of their fabulous QB Robert Griffin III to a concussion. He is special, but will have to learn to protect himself in the NFL.

20. Detroit Lions - Another team with a ton of talent that needs to start showing up on Sundays.

21. Miami Dolphins - Tannehill is improving by the week and this team is competing every week.

22. Indianapolis Colts - What an incredible effort in defeating the Packers. Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne and the Colts would not be denied as they won one for their ailing head coach Chuck Pagano. Beautiful!

23. New Orleans Saints - Sean Peyton was in the house and all was good. Congratulations to Drew Brees on breaking Johnny Unitas' record.

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - We have learned that the Greg Schiano-led Bucs will fight until the end. They are just a little short on talent and depth right now.

25. New York Jets - The Jets battled hard on Monday night against the Texans. The injuries to Revis and Holmes really hurt this team.

26. Carolina Panthers - The Panthers are just not consistent enough right now starting with their QB Cam Newton.

27. Kansas City Chiefs - The Chiefs defense had a valiant effort against the Ravens but the offense laid an egg.

28. Oakland Raiders - If you have any questions if Peyton Manning can still play, ask the Raiders.

29. Buffalo Bills - Utterly embarrassed against the 49ers!

30. Jacksonville Jaguars - The Mularkey plan will take some in Jacksonville.

31. Cleveland Browns - They came out hot vs. the Giants but don't have enough ammo right now.

32. Tennessee Titans - Manhandled again! This time against the Vikings. Chris Johnson said it best, "We don't look like a good team. I don't believe we're close right now." Neither do we Chris.



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