AP Pro32 ballot from Kaufman

AP Pro32 ballot from Kaufman
November 13, 2012, 5:04 pm
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Ballot and comments from AP Pro 32 panel voter Ira Kaufman of Tampa Tribune:

Week 11

IRA KAUFMAN (Tampa Tribune)

1. Houston Texans - They can beat you in a Texas shootout or a muddy defensive struggle. Choose your weapons.

2. Atlanta Falcons - They weren't good enough to run the table, but they're good enough to represent the NFC.

3. Chicago Bears - Deep down inside, their fans know this team isn't the same without Jay Cutler under center.

4. San Francisco 49ers - Two stellar defenses match up Monday night when the Bears visit Candlestick Park.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers - Don't let Monday night's lapse against KC fool you - they'll be ready for the Ravens.

6. Green Bay Packers - Bet the over in Motown because the Packers and Lions aren't exactly known for stout defense.

7. Denver Broncos - A brutal early schedule has leveled off as the Broncos look to take command in the AFC West.

8. Baltimore Ravens - Ray Lewis won't lead them at Heinz Field, but the Ravens will feel his presence.

9. New York Giants - A week off to dwell on yet another puzzling midyear slump for the defending champs.

10. New England Patriots - All is well in Foxborough Aqib Talib to the rescue.

11. Seattle Seahawks - They can beat anyone at home, and lose to anyone on the road.

12. Indianapolis Colts - The growing bond between Luck and Wayne is leaving opponents shaken and stirred.

13. New Orleans Saints - It's hard to imagine a defense this soft still playing in January.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Surging in confidence behind resurrected QB Josh Freeman and big-time playmakers.

15. Minnesota Vikings - Adrian Peterson might face nine defenders in the box from here on out.

16. Cincinnati Bengals - Little margin for error the rest of the way, despite trouncing the Giants.

17. Dallas Cowboys - Jason Garrett lives for another day, but Jerry Jones' clock is ticking.

18. San Diego Chargers - One awful throw by Philip Rivers in Tampa may have sealed Norv Turner's fate.

19. Detroit Lions - Facing Aaron Rodgers, this is a matchup begging for Ndamukong Suh to step up.

20. Arizona Cardinals - Breaking bad: they get the privilege of facing the Falcons on the rebound.

21. Tennessee Titans - Chris Johnson is forcefully reminding everyone he can still play the game.

22. Miami Dolphins - That debacle against the Titans was both surprising and unacceptable.

23. St. Louis Rams - A very good showing at San Francisco could spark a November run.

24. Washington Redskins - A month ago, these guys looked like playoff contenders. Not anymore.

25. Buffalo Bills - Don't mention Mario Williams' name anywhere near Orchard Park these days.

26. Philadelphia Eagles - In two months, there won't be enough brooms for this housecleaning.

27. New York Jets - With each loss, Rex Ryan seems to shrink in front of that podium.

28. Cleveland Browns - Life with the Browns another football season, another high draft pick.

29. Carolina Panthers - The special teams coach just got axed. Pretty soon, they're going to run out of people to fire.

30. Oakland Raiders - This is the worst defense in the NFL right now - accept no substitutes.

31. Kansas City Chiefs - Somebody has to pay for that long-term commitment to Matt Cassel.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars - You can cover up seats, but you can't hide an offense this drab.



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