Fishing Report: Great Tides!


Fishing Report: Great Tides!

By Steve Chaconas
Fishing on the Potomac

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Bojan Bogdanovic and Ian Mahinmi looking good for Wizards vs. Lakers on Tuesday

Bojan Bogdanovic and Ian Mahinmi looking good for Wizards vs. Lakers on Tuesday

LOS ANGELES -- After Bojan Bogdanovic missed the Wizards' last game with a sore back and Ian Mahinmi took a knee to the hip that sent him to the floor in excruciating pain, both said Monday they'll be able to play in Tuesday's game at the Lakers.

"I feel way better," Bogdanovic, the Wizards' leading scorer off the bench, told following a brief practice at UCLA. "I'll be ready for tomorrow's game. I just woke up like that. I was stiff. Cramps in my back. Still sore but way better."

Mahinmi collided with Richard Jefferson in the 127-115 win over Cleveland on Saturday.

Running full-speed to the rim, Jefferson's knee was buried into the left hip of Mahinmi as he tried to stop the attack. He ended up sprawled across the floor in agony but was able to stay in the game.

The bigger concern was the next 24 hours for Mahinmi, who was expecting stiffness and possible swelling.

"I thought (Sunday) was going to be brutal," Mahinmi said to CSN. "But it's really not as bad as I thought. I'm very pleased. Forty-eight hours after the hit I'm walking regularly. I get another 24 hours before the game I'll be 100 precent, or as close as possible to 100 percent."

The session lasted less than an hour Monday. Coach Scott Brooks called off shootaround beforeTuesday's game which is the first of a back-to-back at Staples Center. They play the Clippers on Wednesday.

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What has Bruce Allen noticed so far about Jim Tomsula? His snot

What has Bruce Allen noticed so far about Jim Tomsula? His snot

By signing free agents Stacy McGee and Terrell McClain, Bruce Allen handed new Redskins defensive line coach Jim Tomsula two pieces that the assistant apparently had his eyes on.

"He gave us specific instructions of the type of defensive lineman he was looking for and who he thought could fit our new defensive scheme," Allen told CSN Redskins Insider JP Finlay in a lengthy 1-on-1 interview at the owner's meetings in Phoenix.

So, after crossing those two names off of Tomsula's shopping list, what should Allen buy now for Tomsula? Well, after hearing the next part of Allen and Finlay's conversation, it sounds like a bunch of tissues would be appropriate.


"Have you seen any of the Tomsula clips from the Combine?" Finlay asked Washington's team president, referring to the drills that Tomsula led in very intense fashion. "He's got some scary looking eyes."

"I saw it from watching on the field," Allen responded. "If there's a close-up of him, I'm sure they saw some live snot somewhere in there."

Tomsula has been a part of the Redskins organization for barely more than two months, and he's already intentionally collided with one draft prospect and also impressed/shocked/worried one of his bosses with the amount of mucus his nose produces.

Long live Jim Tomsula.

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