Muddy Water, Bring Out The MONSTER

Muddy Water, Bring Out The MONSTER
October 4, 2010, 7:55 pm
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Monday, October, 4, 2010, 3:50 P.M.

By: Captain Steve Chaconas contributor

Last week was tough fishing. Torrential rains left the river a muddy mess and high winds on Friday kept it that way over the weekend. Things should calm down a bit this week.

Tides will be higher in the mornings. This is a recipe for just about any lure first thing. Poppers, walkers and wakers are a good way to start. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says it looks like clouds early in the week, with cooler temps warming into the low 70s by weeks end. This could mean a very good all-day top water bite with cloud cover. Look for clear water! With cooler temps, other lures like Manns Baby 1-Minus, spinnerbaits and chatterbaits will work over grass. Even with sunny skies at the end of the week, look for water temps to be in the low to mid 60s! This will activate fish, but still require plastics to get to fish when the sun is up!

Basically, fish topwaters as long as theyre still working, then go a bit deeper with spinnerbaits and crankbaits. Dont ignore the frog bite when the tide is low! Seems to be working no matter the water clarity, but clearer water is always best. Another option as the tide drops is to move to the outer grass edge and pitch plastics. If the water is fairly clear, Mizmo tubes and worms in green pumpkin combos will work. If water has color or is mostly stained, jigs, and bulky baits like Mizmos Swamp Monsters in darker colors (black wred flake, blackblue, or green pumpkin) are solid choices.

For plastics fishing around grass, a fast reel like the Quantum 7:1 spooled with 17 pound test fluorocarbon for sensitivity and lower stretch will make hooksets more effective and enable you to control fish in heavy grass.