More Fish in the Sea!

More Fish in the Sea!
February 5, 2012, 10:26 pm
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By Steve Chaconas
Fishing on the

Water is still a bit stained and has stabilized around 40 degrees. The key to all techniques is to slow down!

Tides are high to start the day with low tides coming in early afternoon. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, Sunny skies to start the week with temperatures around the mid 50s with a chance of rain on Wednesday and temperatures falling to around 50 and into the mid 40s by the weekend. Overnight lows 30 and above for the week.

Clear water spots are going to be the best for bass and with the clearest water, try Lucky Craft Pointer 78 suspending jerkbaits and Lucky Craft Bevy Shad crankbaits at the end of outgoing tides during the warmest part of the day. Otherwise its a dose of winter baits and techniques. Work Silver Buddy lures and Punisher Hair jigs down drops. For the Silver Buddy lures, I like GAMMA 14-pound test fluorocarbon line and for Punisher hair jigs, try 6-pound test GAMMA Copolymer. With hair jigs, keep them soaked in Jacks Juice crawfish attractant. The hair will soak it up, but a spray every now and again will encourage fish to hold on. I also use Jacks Juice on Manns Stingray grubs and Mizmo tubes. When its cold, use baits with open hooks when you can! Its easier to set the hook on long casts.

This is a great time to fish for crappie! They are suspended about 8 feet down and will chase Road Runner jigs. I like the ounce willow with a variety of colored bodies. If you want to target them, keep two or three rods with different colors and slowly swim the Road Runners above crappie schools. Great to eat! Lots of fun to catch!