Hot Frogging In The Summertime

Hot Frogging In The Summertime
August 30, 2010, 9:58 pm
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Monday, August 30, 2010 5:56 p.m.By Captain Steve Contributor
Last weeks cooler weather really wont lower Potomac River water temperatures. Early morning water temps around 80 are still pretty warm! The best topwater conditions are going to be a combination of cooler, early morning, and low water.

This should be a great week for the early bite until the tide rises or the sun comes up. Morning tides will be low most of the week! Early in the week, I suggest black hollow frogs. Make sure you use a stiff rod at least a 7-footer and braided line. When a fish blows up and has the bait, set the hook up and hard!

Later in the week, youll have more water earlier and might try poppers like natural patterns Lucky Craft G-Splash and walking baits like Lucky Crafts Gunfish 95.

After the sun comes up, use small crankers to keep moving baits close to the fish like the Manns Baby 1-Minus in firetiger or shad patterns on 17-pound test mono for strength to pull fish out of grass. In all cases, try the outside edge and move in as the tide rises. After that, youll have to go to a deeper diver like the Lucky Craft BDS 4 and Manns Classic ounce spinnerbaits. I like the double willow with a firetiger or shad skirt. If water is off-color, gold bladesand nickel when water is clearer. Slow to medium presentation, speeding up might trigger reluctant fish.

As for soft plastics, when the tide is in and getting up, try docks with Mizmo tubes in green pumpkin combos. Shade and current breaks will position fish on cover. Find the sweet spots and make numerous casts and several passes. One dock will have a lot of fish. Otherwise, cast over grass, milfoil preferred!