Grab Your Spinning Rods!

Grab Your Spinning Rods!
November 17, 2013, 6:00 pm
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Falling tides into the warmest part of the day will be good for fishing this week.

Water temperatures in the mid to upper 40s this week might put fish closer to deeper water. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “Mid 60s with a chance of rain on Monday. Tuesday cooling off with a West wind around 50 under sunny skies. The rest of the week will have a few clouds and overnight lows in the 40s. Warming into the upper 50s for the weekend with chance of showers.”

Go to light line, 6 pound test GAMMA Copoly, to enable detection of light bites and less drag for fish to feel. Most of the hydrilla is gone, with stalks remaining. Some fish are there, but difficult to catch. As the tide falls find edges and use a variety of compact baits.

Start with grubs with tails; 4-inch green pumpkin in off color water, smoke on cloudy days and chartreuse on sunny days for clear water. Thread these and Mann's 3-inch avocado Stingray grubs on ¼-ounce ball head jigs. Try a variety of slow presentations, lift and drop, to a slow glide. Using attractants like Jack's Juice Bait Spray will encourage fish to hold on longer.

Drop shots with 3/16-ounce Water Gremlin BullShot weights, a 2/0 Mustad hook and a 4-inch soft plastic worm can be worked in these areas as well. Don't overlook weightless stick worms fished slowly through grass remnants.

For clearer water, suspending jerkbaits like Lucky Craft Pointer 78 in baitfish patterns on sunny days and craw patterns on cloudy days. Use light 10-pound test or less. Longer pauses, slight taps, vary until the mood of the fish is determined.