Getting Close to Go Fish Time!

Getting Close to Go Fish Time!
March 23, 2014, 7:00 pm
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Fishing is starting to pick up as longer days are allowing the Potomac River to warm up fast! But you still need to fish slowly!

Water temperatures are above 45 and starting to nudge into the low 50s. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “Daytime highs drop to around 40 for the first half of the week with overnight lows around freezing. But a warm-up into the 50s and then 60 by Friday and into Saturday provides a good chance to get on the water.”

VADGIF reported solid fish counts with 100 bass per hour until the ice melt dropped water temps back into the low 40s. Fish are still near drops and are not chasing lures. A black/blue Punisher Hair Jig with a Baby Swamp Monster trailer will work. The key is thin line. Try a main line of 20-pound GAMMA Torque braid with a leader of 10-pound test Edge Fluorocarbon. Bites are light! Watch line, feel for weight and set the hook. Light "ticks" are good bites! Mann's Stingray grubs on 1/4-ounce ball head jigs on the same line set up also worked.  Soak all baits in Jack's Juice garlic bait spray.

Jerkbaits like the Lucky Craft Pointer 100 on 10-pound test GAMMA Copoly cast along grass edge, wood, docks and drop offs are also working. Use slight taps with long pauses in water that has about 3 feet of visibility!

One of the keys is to have confidence in your area and fish it very slowly for extended periods of time! The fish aren't very active and not really chasing baits. One slightly more active lure is the Lucky Craft Bevy Shad. Cast, slowly retrieve and pause!