Fishing Report: Top Down Approach

Fishing Report: Top Down Approach
August 18, 2013, 5:45 pm
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Fishing remains challenging. Morning high tides will allow for a variety of search baits.

Taking a top down approach. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “A cool 80 degree start with a few showers for Monday. The rest of the week will be warming to around 90 under sunny skies. Overnight lows around 70. Possible thunderstorms on Friday.”

Start with poppers like Lucky Craft G-Splash and vary retrieves. A walking Gunfish will work in calm water too. For a bit of chop, try a buzz bait.

Move a bit deeper after either a half hour or so or when fish stop striking or just fail to commit. A slowly crawled white or red Mann’s Waker with 30 pound braid will also work over grass.

After the topwater efforts subside, go deeper with a Mann's Baby 1-Minus in shad patterns or chatterbaits with Mann’s HardNose Shads for trailers.

As the tide drops, move to grass edges and work with the crankbaits but be ready to switch to Texas rigged soft plastic baits and weightless stick worms. Mustad Ultra Point Mega Bite 3/0 hooks are a good match for most of these.

GAMMA Edge fluorocarbon 16 pound test on casting gear is effective to pull fish out of grass. Also try hollow frogs like the Mann's Super Frog on 60 pound test GAMMA Torque braid.

This is also time for swimbaits. A 7/0 Mustad Swimbait hook with a ¼ adjustable weight will keep swimbaits down in grass.

As tides begin to fall, also look for steep, deeper drops and use a drop shot with a 10-inch leader. A 3/16 ounce Water Gremlin BULLSHOT weight will keep the bait on the bottom. Start close to the visible edge and work out from there.