The fishing report: Time, Tides and Tournament!!

The fishing report: Time, Tides and Tournament!!
June 15, 2014, 11:15 am
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By Capt Steve Chaconas

This might be the best week for topwaters...early morning low tides and post spawn bass add up to an exciting start to the day. But the big Rayovac Tournament is this week; the Potomac is sure to be crowded!

Downpours last week muddied the Potomac, but water is clearing nicely.

NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “This week's weather pattern will be just like last week, a daily chance of afternoon thunderstorms. Everyday will be about 10 degrees warmer, highs into the 90s. Mornings start in the low 70s.”

Start with poppers, until the bite slows or stops, like a Lucky Craft G-Splash. Bigger ones if the water has chop or is a bit stained. Over

grass, tie on a hollow bodied Mann's Super Frog with 60-pound

GAMMA Torque braid and a stout rod. White on sunny days. Black when overcast.

As tides roll in, try a Mann's Baby 1-Minus on 14-pound test GAMMA Edge fluorocarbon line. Snapping out of grass or over wood will trigger strikes. Get deeper with a Mann's Baby X. For a larger target and at higher tides Lucky Craft BDS 4 in Shad patterns can be cranked down to grass or wood cover. Make contact and snap upwards.

Weightless floating finesse worms on 3/0 Mustad Megabite hooks tied to 20-pound Torque with a 12-pound Edge leader on spinning gear will bring fish up at a mid incoming tide. For the highest tides, chatter jigs and swim jigs in craw patterns to go deeper, reaching high tide fish. 

Weightless stickworms on the same spinning line rig or straight braid will produce at most tides. Add a 1/32 ounce tungsten bullet weight unpegged in deeper water, rigged wacky style with a

2/0 red Mustad wacky rig hook.