FISHING REPORT: Soft and Slow!

FISHING REPORT: Soft and Slow!
June 2, 2013, 4:45 pm
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By Steve Chaconas

Last week was the hottest week of the season and that slowed the bite a bit! Fish were caught a variety of ways. Fish grass or hard cover. They fish differently!

Water temperature will get to 78, but cool a bit as the weather is changing. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “A much cooler week as the front rumbles through, leaving unstable weather on Monday with a chance of scattered thunderstorms, and highs all week around 80. A few clouds the rest of the week as the weather stabilizes. Overnight cooling to 60 all week.”

Another post spawn week starts with a cool morning and falling tide.

This is perfect for chatter baits with Mann's HardNose craw or jerkbaits as trailers and Mann's Baby 1-Minus crank baits. Try both in chartreuse or fire tiger patterns. GAMMA Edge Fluorocarbon 12-pound test will help with hooksets. This works over grass or wood cover. If the water is clear, try burning double willow spinnerbaits with fire tiger skirts.

As the tide falls and the sun comes out, pitch MIZMO tubes to grass edges or docks. Swimming white Mizmos is also a good idea with Mustad Swimbait hooks weightless or with a 1/16 ounce weight molded to the hook. Slide the weight toward the back of the hook for an erratic action. Use either GAMMA Torque braid or EDGE. Try white trick worms and soft plastic jerkbaits too.

With low light, calm and clear water, try walking Lucky Craft Gunfish over grass and around wood and docks. Work shaded areas longer. At higher tides try Mann’s Waker with GAMMA Torque braid on a 7 foot MH rod. Keep it moving after blowups! Go deeper with the buoyant Lucky Craft BDS 4 with regular cranking gear.