Fishing Report: Sandy Strikes!

Fishing Report: Sandy Strikes!
October 28, 2012, 4:30 pm
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Last week was awesome fishing with just about every technique producing. This week is going to be a bust on the Potomac River or at least unsafe!

Expect the river to be rough, muddy and much cooler than the 65-degree water of last week. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “This week the "Perfect Storm" will roll through, bringing a lot of rain and high winds along with a cold front.  Daytime highs will be in the

mid 50s, overnight lows in the low 40s. The end of the week

will become clear and a bit warmer into the low 60s for the weekend.”

When conditions limit access to main river or even clear water, launch from protected marinas and fish in safe harbors. Otherwise, wait until the winds diminish. That will likely be Thursday. Wind and rain will create high water conditions for a week along with muddy water. Fish will position tight to shoreline cover and the best bait will be jigs and possibly a spinnerbait.

Looking for the clearest water pitching, black/blue 1/2 ounce Mann's

Stone jigs with a bulky trailer like HardNose FrankenToads. Soaking with Jack's Juice garlic spray will help fish find baits. Loud Punisher rattles attached to the jig shaken in cover helps. GAMMA 16-pound test Edge fluorocarbon spooled on a fast Quantum EXO reel and 7-foot Quantum rod will provide power and speed. Pick the best-looking spots and shake jigs in cover.

Another reliable muddy water lure are Gold Bladed 3/4-ounce Mann's Classic spinnerbaits with Colorado and Indiana blades creating fish attracting vibration. Slowly retrieve white-skirted baits dropping over and around shallow cover. Again GAMMA 16-pound Edge fluorocarbon line on the longest rod you can get away with. Shorter rods provide accuracy, not enough leverage.


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