Fishing report: Passing Fronts!

Fishing report: Passing Fronts!
October 14, 2012, 11:15 am
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By Steve Chaconas

October is a month of changes! Expect more with cold weather, falling water temperatures, and fast moving windy cold fronts. Fish the moment, as conditions will be changing! Make a lot of casts to cover water and keep baits around fish.

Water temperatures are sliding fast into the mid 50s. NBC 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “The week starts with overnight temps in the upper 40s, a bit of wind and a few showers in the low 70s. A front comes through on Tuesday dropping temperatures to the mid 60s. Sunny skies will dominate the rest of the week, highs only reaching the mid 60s and cooling into the 40s overnight. A few clouds and passing showers will arrive by Friday as daytime temperatures stay around 70.”

Versatility will be key this week. Basically, a cloudy day or early morning low light will allow moving lures. With early morning rising high tides, fish over grass with low light or over wood with sunny skies. Mann's Baby 1-Minus is a good high water choice, with the 1/4-ounce Mann's Classic able to run a bit deeper in early morning high tides.  Lucky Craft LVR D-7 will work over grass remnants at higher tides. Also try chatterbaits. Either braid or GAMMA Edge fluorocarbon line will make it easier to snap these out of grass.

Stay with spinnerbaits as long as possible this week, slowing retrieves, especially in colder, muddier water. Take note of water temp, as it should warm 5 degrees by midday. In late afternoon as tides fall, if the moving bait bite slows, move to deeper cover, grass edges or wood and slow down with Mizmo tubes, drop shot and shaky head. These techniques are important with sunny high-pressure conditions rolling though. Fish tight to cover.