FISHING REPORT: Muddy, Muddy Water!

FISHING REPORT: Muddy, Muddy Water!
May 4, 2014, 7:15 pm
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By Steve Chaconas

Muddy, Muddy Water!

Last week's heavy rain messed up what was shaping up to be an awesome week of fishing. Visibility was less than 6 inches in most places, and a lot of debris makes boating less safe. But the river is clearing very fast!

Water temperatures are in the low 60s! NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “A mix of sun and clouds all week with daytime highs warming into the 80s by the weekend. Morning lows start in the 50-degree range and into the 60s by the weekend. Chance of showers on the weekend.”

Look for water temperatures to warm to near 70! Bingo! This is a magic number! Fish move up shallow in large numbers for the spawn. Pay attention to the type of bites! If fish pick up and move short distances with baits, you’re on spawning beds. You might see beds in the shallows as the water continues to clear!

Try green pumpkin Mizmo tubes with an insert head on 6-8 pound test GAMMA Copoly line on spinning gear. Cast and shake. Let them sit in bedding areas!

In thicker grass, use casting gear spooled with 14-16 GAMMA Edge with a 3/0 Mustad Mega Bite hook and an 1/8-ounce bullet weight.

It's time to try topwaters. Start with walking lures like Lucky Craft Gunfish. Tie to 12-pound test Copoly and walk slowly! Keep the bait moving especially after a missed blowup. Keep a weightless wacky rigged stick worm handy to cast to missed bass.

With expected cloud cover and a bit of chop on the water, cast a ¼-ounce spinnerbait over grass and shallow cover. At higher tides try a 3/8-ounce spinnerbait. Use Edge Fluorocarbon 12-14 pound test for better hooksets. Same goes for craw pattern chatterbaits.