Fishing Report: Much Cooler, Fishing Faster!

Fishing Report: Much Cooler, Fishing Faster!
September 22, 2013, 10:30 am
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Hydrilla is no longer growing and in some areas is dying back with holes being created. Fishing over grass is a more successful pattern.

Morning topwater bite with low tide should be great this week as water temperatures should start the day in the mid 60s!  NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “Very cool nights start the week around 50 with daytime highs around 70. A warm up to the mid to upper 70s by Wednesday with lows getting close to 60. Nice dry weather all week!”

Start with poppers like Lucky Craft G-Splash and walkers like Lucky Craft Gunfish working around hard hydrilla edges with scattered grass flats in front. Make long casts with GAMMA Copoly 12-pound test line. Look for clear water too!

As the tide rolls in, and the bite slows, go a bit deeper with a Mann's Baby X crankbait on GAMMA Edge 12-pound test fluorocarbon line. Keep the rod tip up, preventing the bait from digging too deep. Once contacting the grass, just lift the bait up out of the hydrilla. Hesitate your retrieve at this point, and expect a bite.

When the tide is high, keep cranking, but around 11am, try docks as the sun and tide will put bass under them, especially in areas without a lot of grass. Skip soft plastic stickworms wacky rigged or with a 1/16-ounce Water Gremlin Bull Shot to increase the rate of fall and to leave on the bottom for a while. Skipping MIZMO tubes with an insert head under docks will also produce. A strong thin line like 8 pound test GAMMA Copoly makes skipping under docks easier with the strength to pull them out.