Fishing Report: Hydrilla is dying very fast

Fishing Report: Hydrilla is dying very fast
October 20, 2013, 2:45 pm
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Hydrilla is dying very fast!

Some areas are still green but most plants are just about dead. Areas with milfoil are still holding fish. Tides will be high in the morning. Expect water temperatures close to 65 this week. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “Mild mid 60s to start the week falling into the 50s for the weekend. A chance of rain on Wednesday with clouds dominating this week's weather. Overnights are going to drop into the upper 30s for a very cold start. Winds will be coming out of the WNW.” 

As grass dies, fish move to nearby hard cover: docks, riprap, and trees. Crankbaits are the top choice. At higher tides, lipless crankbaits in white, chartreuse, and red patterns can find tops of deep or scattered grass. Lucky Craft LVR-D7 come through grass easily when thrown on 12-pound test Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon line. Keep rod tip up to catch grass and snap free, allowing lures to slowly drop.

Square bills, like Mann's Baby X, on the same tackle can be cranked down to grass with the rod tip up as well. When snagging grass, a sharp upward snap will free the lure and trigger strikes. As the tide falls, a Mann's Baby 1-Minus will stay in the strike zone. 

As tides fall, crank according to depth. Target grass clumps or isolated hard cover away from grass edges. Smaller lipless Lucky Craft LV-100 comes through grass easier. If water has some chop and color, ¼-ounce Mann's Classic spinnerbaits cast to visible grass clumps will produce.

Keep a Mann's hollow white Super Frog tied on during low tide. Twitch slowly and stop over grass patches. Use 60-pound Gamma Torque Braid and a stiff rod. Make long casts and set the hook hard!