FISHING REPORT: Grab your rain gear!

FISHING REPORT: Grab your rain gear!
June 30, 2013, 4:45 pm
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By Steve Chaconas

Grab Your Rain Gear

A falling tide with low light might make the best week for a topwater bite. It will be a week to use moving lures.

Look for clear water and stay on the move until you find fish. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “With a better than 50% chance of rain every day this week, a summer storm pattern is present as well. Winds out of the SW up to 10 MPH. Highs not bad, around the low 80s with overnight lows in the low 70s.”

Start with poppers like Lucky Craft G-Splash with GAMMA Copoly 10-pound test. Vary retrieve speeds. Chop or a bit of stain, use bigger G-Splash 80. Buzz baits are also a good choice.

After the tide falls, small spinnerbaits with double willow blades burned over grass and around wood will work well. For this bait, use GAMMA Edge Fluorocarbon line for good hooksets and power to pull fish out of grass.

As always, Mann's Baby 1-Minus in a few, fire tiger and shad patterns depending on water clarity on 12-14 pound test Edge. Red when stained, fire tiger and shad with clearer water.

White, chartreuse and green pumpkin chatter jigs with craw trailers

work well in and over grass. Run this lure in the grass, load and snap free using Edge and a medium heavy 7-foot Quantum KVD spinnerbait rod. 

Another spinnerbait to run with clouds, chop and clearer water is a

double willow, two nickel blades or one nickel one gold, with a fire tiger skirt. This requires a 7-foot rod and 16-pound Edge Fluorocarbon line. Burn over grass tops. 

At high tide, pitch Texas rigged MIZMO tubes on 14-16 pound test Edge

to marsh clumps, pad edges and docks.