FISHING REPORT: Good winter fishing week

FISHING REPORT: Good winter fishing week
December 15, 2013, 6:00 pm
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Water temperatures have fish right where we want them! Find fish in out-of-the-current areas with steep drops. Specifically, Blue Plains, Spoils, National Harbor and Belle Haven Marina!

Water temps have pushed below 40 for the first time this year!  This slows the food chain and has fish looking to be a bit deeper on drops seeking the warmest water. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “It’ll remain cold on Monday but a warm up on Tuesday into the mid 40s, but a chance of snow flurries. The rest of the week warmer with Friday near 60!”

The best way to work drops is with a Silver Buddy. This blade bait can be fished at any depth and can catch anything that swims. This includes crappie!  It’s a great fish locator and allows other baits to get involved. Fish the Silver Buddy on 10-12 pound test GAMMA Copoly line. Short burps following the bait back to the bottom and letting it rest a few seconds.

Using 3-inch avocado Mann’s Stingray Grubs on a ¼ ounce ball head jig on 6-pound test GAMMA Copoly or Edge on spinning gear. Try a short, slow drag and stop presentation. A soaking in Jack’s Juice Bait Spray will encourage fish to hold on longer. Bites might feel only like added weight. Watch line as a small movement indicates a bite.

Drop shot rigs and shaky heads also work! Use light 6-pound test and 6-8 inch leaders with a 3/16-ounce Water Gremlin BullShot weight.

In shallow, clear, warmed water, try Lucky Craft Pointer 78 suspending jerkbaits. Thinner diameter line allows the bait to have a lot of action without moving very far. Let this bait sit and use light taps to activate.