January 19, 2014, 11:00 pm
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By Steve Chaconas

Cold Snap!

Be careful, as icy ramps will make the Potomac treacherous. Light line and small baits will be on the limited menu.

Water temperatures will start the week around 38 and might drop a degree or two. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “After a moderate start of 48 on Monday, a raw weather week is ahead. Tuesday brings a chance of flurries with highs only around 30 and even colder mid week into the low 20s then back to around freezing for the weekend.”

Fish the same out-of-the-current winter holes with steep drops and edges. Take spinning rods and spool either 6-pound test GAMMA Copoly or Edge Fluorocarbon. Fluorocarbon provides better feel and solid hook sets. Copoly is easier to handle. Line treatments like Real Magic allow line to slide through rod guides for easier casting. Also use open hooks on ball head jigs on 3 or 4 inch Mizmo grubs, Mann's Stingray 3" avocado grubs, or small 4" shaky heads. Bites will be hard to feel and open hooks make it easier to hook lethargic bass. Keep them sharp!

Punisher black/blue hair jigs, 1/4 ounce or smaller can be worked slowly and stopped. Craft hair keeps moving to entice bass to bite. Adding a small soft plastic chunk and Punisher rattle attracts more bass. Do NOT use gel type attractants, as they will clog jig hair. Use a spray or Jack's Juice Bait Spray soaking for hair jigs and soft plastics.

As always, use Silver Buddy lures with 10-12 pound test. Work horizontally and stop frequently. In warm water discharge areas, two Lucky Craft baits perform: Pointer 78 on 6-pound test with slight taps and long pauses and Bevy Shad can be cranked down with pauses and short slow rod sweeps.