FISHING REPORT: Cold Fishing Week

FISHING REPORT: Cold Fishing Week
December 8, 2013, 5:15 pm
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Last week was a great time to fish the Potomac! Everything was biting, crappie, stripers and largemouth. With 45-degree water, fish were about 6 feet deep, responding to slow presentations.

Water temperatures will be falling this week.  NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “A rainy cold start getting colder this week. Monday in the low 40s. The sun will come out on Tuesday and Wednesday, highs only in the upper 30s. Clouds and some snow flurries the rest of the week, highs only in the mid 30s. Overnight lows from the mid 20s!”

Another difficult week to get on the water. Fish in out-of-the-current areas near steep drops. Cold-water bass want slow presentations that allow baits to remain in one spot for a while! Silver Buddy blade baits are best! Use a 6'6" casting rod with 10-12 pound test GAMMA Edge fluorocarbon line. Short burps off the bottom allowing the bait to sit and even some dragging of this metal lure work well. Bites are a tick or just weight. 

Once fish are located at a specific depth, drop shots, shaky head and Mann's Stingray grubs on spinning gear with 6 pound test Edge are the best options. Fish slowly and keep baits in the strike zone as long as

possible, stopping frequently. A heavy soaking of Jack's Juice bait spray encourages fish to hold on longer. Keep hooks sharp on grubs and Silver Buddy. Exposed hooks dull as they get hung up a lot. Cold-water fish mouths are tougher!

Blue Plains and Four Mile Run might be in the 50s. Try moving lures like Lucky Craft Pointers and Bevy Shad Baits. Use thin 10-pound test in clear water, with frequent pauses to allow fish to come off the bottom to bite.