Fishing Report: Cold and Slow

Fishing Report: Cold and Slow
January 6, 2013, 11:45 am
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By Steve Chaconas

Water temperatures around 38, about as cold as the Potomac gets. Last week muddy water made fishing tough. With clearing water, fish should bite better this week.

Very slow presentations targeting cover on drops is the strategy. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “A moderate warming trend with sunny skies into the mid to upper 40s with a bit of wind on Monday.  Overnight lows around 30. Clouds on Wednesday with rain coming Thursday and Friday as temperatures rise to the low 50s by Saturday.”

Gold ½-ounce Silver Buddys on 12-pound test GAMMA Copoly, barely burped off the bottom following steep drops, are still the lure of choice. Let the bait sit a few seconds before gently and barely lifting. Cast parallel to drops, work slowly back to the boat. Start shallow and work deeper until fish are found, noting depth!

Once fish are found other baits can be used with very slow presentations. Cast Punisher hair jigs with Punisher rattles, ¼-ounce black/blue with plastic chunks on 6-pound test GAMMA Copoly, shake and sit. Use frequent soakings in Jack's Juice attractant.

Find cover with Mann's Stingray grubs and curl tail grubs on ¼-ounce ball head jigs and use a slight lift and drop with a pause...shake and let sit. Bites are soft, check reel drags often. Sharpen hooks! 

Finally, drop shots with 4-6 inch leaders and a 1/8 or 3/16-ounce weight on 6-pound test Copoly allowed to sit in one spot, on cover as long as possible to encourage cold water bass to bite. 

At lower tides in clear water like Blue Plains and Four Mile Run, Lucky Craft Pointer 78 suspending jerk boats on 6 pound test Copoly, cast on spinning gear to make long casts. Jerk, jerk, jerk, pause...twitch.