Fishing on the Potomac: Turkey Week Fishing!


Fishing on the Potomac: Turkey Week Fishing!

By Steve Chaconas, Fishing on the Potomac

Another week similar to last without the favorable late afternoon low tides. Low incoming water will present early morning shallow cover and grass remnant targets, but presentations need to be very slow. Water clarity hasn't returned to the river, but is much better in incoming tides.

Water will be cooler 45 in the morning, warming a few degrees in the afternoon. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says,

“Nice weather for Thanksgiving week! Highs in the mid 50s and overnight lows in the upper 30s with light winds makes for a pleasant week with very little chance for precipitation. A few clouds might appear through the week.” 

The ideal moving bait will be a 1/4-ounce Mann's Classic spinnerbait. Slowly retrieve this bait close to low water cover. After the tide comes in for a few hours, try working Silver Buddy ½-ounce silver lures. Short burps of this lure on 12 pound test GAMMA Copoly will catch a variety of species largemouth, crappie, white and yellow perch and what ever swims! Start at 3-4 feet and work down drops.

Locating fish on drops allows other bait options. Punisher Hair jigs with a Punisher rattle on 6-pound test GAMMA Copoly on spinning gear with a good drag, like Quantum's EXO, will work. Also give Mizmo tubes with an insert head and Mann's Stingray grubs...both with 1/4 ounce lead heads...a try on the drops. If water is clearer, try drop shots too! Give soft plastics and hair jigs a soaking in Jack's Juice garlic.

There's a good shot of dragging lipless cranks like Lucky Craft LV-500 on 14-pound test GAMMA Edge Fluorocarbon line with a good cranking rod with backbone like the Quantum KVD series. Choose flats next to drops.

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Elvis Dumervil confirms he plans to play Sunday against Raiders

Elvis Dumervil confirms he plans to play Sunday against Raiders

OWINGS MILLS – Ravens outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil confirmed he expected to be in the lineup Sunday against the Raiders, playing his first game since offseason foot surgery.

“I’m excited to go out in front of our crowd,” Dumervil said. “The team’s been doing great, 3-0 start against a tough opponent, well-coached team, good offense. We’re excited for the challenge.”

Dumervil said he came close to playing in Week 3, but hoped waiting an extra week would make him more effective and keep his foot pain from lingering. Dumervil and Terrell Suggs haven't played together since Week 1 of 2015, when Suggs suffered a season-ending Achilles injury. In 2014, Dumervil and Suggs combined for 29 sacks, making them the NFL's top sack tandem.

“As much I wanted to be out there Week 1, I just wasn’t ready. I’m happy to be coming back with the D-line that we have. The guys inside can rush, Sizz (Terrell Suggs). We haven’t been on the field in awhile.

“Having Sizz alone is a huge impact. Now you start adding (Michael) Pierce, Lawrence Guy, Timmy (Jernigan), Zach Orr, C. J. Mosley. At the end of the day our coverage has been good as well, Dean Pees calling great schemes. It’s a just a great opportunity to come back. For the last couple of weeks I woke up and felt good. You’re never 100 percent in football, (but) that’s one thing I can do, I can play with pain.”

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Redskins have been protecting Cousins well

Redskins have been protecting Cousins well

ASHBURN, VA--The Redskins need to do some shuffling on their offensive line. They hope that they can keep up their performance in one particular area.

Washington is fourth best in the NFL when it comes to giving up sacks. Kirk Cousins has been sacked on four of his 124 pass attempts, a rate of 3.1 percent. Around the league quarterbacks are sacked on 5.5 percent of pass attempts.

Per Pro Football Focus, Morgan Moses is responsible for two of the sacks but that perhaps isn’t fair. One of them had to have been the sack that Cousins took on the last play of the first half as the clock ran out. On that play Cousins was supposed to get rid of the ball immediately and Moses blocked Jason Pierre Paul accordingly. He had no idea that Cousins was going to move around.

The low sack total is no surprise. Last year the Redskins were fifth in the NFL with a sacks against rate of 4.6 percent. That likely is a big reason they elected not to make changes on the line during the offseason.

It should be noted that sacks are not all on the offensive line. Although you rarely see a QB charged with one, Cousins should have been on the play discussed above. Jordan Reed was responsible for a sack against the Cowboys, although one can wonder about a play design that has Reed responsible for blocking a defensive end.

The quarterback also should get credit for sack prevention. Cousins does get rid of the ball quickly, perhaps too quickly sometimes. Occasionally that results in a missed opportunity for a big play but it does keep him off of the ground.