Fishing on the Potomac: Spawning!

Fishing on the Potomac: Spawning!
April 8, 2012, 9:10 pm
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Steve Chaconas
Fishing on the

A more seasonal weather week has kept water temps around 58 overnight to mid 60s during the day. As temps inch upward, big females are moving in! On the south part of the river, grass is thick. Up north, hard to find, but should be coming up soon! Fish are shallow!

High tides are coming in late morning into early afternoon. Fish shoreline cover close to the bank. In creeks, try pad edges. As tides recede, look for scattered grass or deeper ends of docks. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, Overnight lows in the mid 40s and daytime highs in the mid 50s to mid 60s will keep us cool for the week, with a chance of showers on Wednesday. Windy early in the week, with winds finally diminishing by weeks end!

Last Fridays full moon will have some fish up shallow trying to spawn, but water temps below 65 will keep the larger group of females at bay for another week or so. Until then, target the larger fish on the outside edge of grass beds or drops near shorelines. Mizmo tubes are a good bet for soft plastics; otherwise moving baits are in order.

Cranking Lucky Craft SKT Mini MR in chartreuse and red patterns around shallow wood and dragging lipless Lucky Craft LV-500 baits over gravel will produce. The key is to slow down and hesitate on the floating baits when encountering wood cover and with lipless baits; a slow crawl and snapping out of grass will trigger strikes. GAMMA fluorocarbon line provides better feel and is easier to snap baits out of grass.

Fish are moving into docks with warmer weather, close to shore at high tide and at the deeper part of the dock at low tide.