Fishing On The Potomac: Putting a Spin on Fishing

Fishing On The Potomac: Putting a Spin on Fishing
September 14, 2010, 1:35 am
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Tuesday, September 13, 2010, 9:34 p.m.

By Captain Steve Contributor

Water temperatures are finally getting tolerable! Last week we started the day with temps around 80, staying steady as nighttime temps stayed cool! It was still tough to get fish on top or with moving baits. Spinnerbaits crawled through the grass later in the week produced. Otherwise, it was pitching plastics that was most consistent.

This week, the day starts with a low incoming tide. This means frogs will be the first choice. I like black Manns Super frogsI modify some with white lumiflex skirts! Later in the week, youll have a bit more water in the early morningtry Lucky Craft poppers, like the G-Splash and walkers like the Gunfish. I like the darker colors under cloudy skies and baitfish patterns otherwise. As the tide rises, the Manns Baby 1-Minus, Chatterbaits, and spinnerbaits are good to throw to keep in contact with grass. With rising water, move in and around until fish are found in a patch of grass. Where there are edges, work them from inside the grass bed, bringing baits to the edge!

At lower tides, use ounce spinnerbaits with IndianaColorado gold blades. Slowly crawl around clumps of milfoil, make contact and snap free. At higher tides do to 38 ounce willowColorado bladed baits. Here, try to nick the tops of the grass and snap free. White skirts or baitfish patterns are best. In very clear water, try chartreuse and other flashy color patterns for skirts.

In both cases, 17 pound test fluorocarbon line on a medium heavy 66 rod.

In areas with little or no grass, fish docks and wood cover. At higher tides, move in with the tide. Dock fishing is best once the sun is up higher to create shade. Otherwise when plastics fishing look for milfoil clumps near grass edges.