Fishing on the Potomac: Hot Potomac River Fishing

Fishing on the Potomac: Hot Potomac River Fishing
July 7, 2013, 6:45 pm
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By Steve Chaconas

Start early, drink a lot of water and apply sunscreen before you hit the water!


Stay away from muddy water or find the clearest water close by. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “Typical DC summer weather is here. Highs all week around 90 with a slight breeze out of the south and a daily chance of thunderstorms. Lows overnight in the low to mid 70s.”


First thing in the morning try topwaters over grass or around wood. Make long casts with GAMMA Copoly. Lucky Craft G-Splash poppers in shad patterns and walkers like the Gunfish in aurora black will work until about 9am unless there is cloud cover. Vary speeds. At higher tides or stained water, slow down just a bit.


Morning high tides will put fish up closer to shoreline cover. Back away and fish deeper grass edges and deeper cover as tides fall. Mann's Baby

1-Minus in red or fire tiger patterns work. Vary speeds. Crank chatterbaits in craw patterns...also try white. With some chop on the water and low light, try ¼-ounce double willow spinnerbaits with white skirts. Use GAMMA Edge 12-pound test and a medium heavy rod.


Mann's HardNose Swimbaits will work just before the day gets really hot. Use a Mustad 7/0 Swimbait hook with the ¼-ounce weight and 16-pound test GAMMA Edge. Try various presentations, a constant slow swim and a lift and drop will work. Load and set the hook.


As the day gets hot with full sun, Texas rig MIZMO tubes, green pumpkin varieties, with lower tides, target bridge pilings, grass edges and deeper hard cover. Try wacky rigged stickworms too.