Fishing On The Potomac: Getting A Baby Cranky

Fishing On The Potomac: Getting A Baby Cranky
September 21, 2010, 2:23 pm
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010, 10:00 a.m.

By Captain Steve Chaconas contributor

This week, the tide will be high in the morning early in the week, and lower incoming to start the day at the end of the week. This will make topwater fishing tough unless you start first thing in the morning or have significantly low light conditionsi.e. rain or clouds. Since Ch 4s Weather Kim isnt calling for any rain, the decision to abandon topwater lures must come fast! I suggest starting with walkers like Lucky Craft Gunfish 110 in Aurora Black. Its loud and cast over grass should call up bigger fish. Its also a good time to try the Manns Waker. If there's a breeze, skip the topwaters altogether and go right to the Manns Baby 1-Minus and spinnerbaits.

Water temps should be around 70 to start and warm up just a few degrees. Fish should be active, but there is still a lot of grass between your lures and the fish. The more sun, the deeper into the grass they go. Look for areas with milfoil and fish over and in these areas. As the tide drops and in the absence of chop of the water, soft plastics are just what the fish doctor ordered! Texas rig with 14-ounce bullet sinker and pitch to clumps of grass close to the outside edge as the tide falls, especially toward the last two hours of outgoing tides. I am using a red 30 Mustad Ultra Point wide gap tube hook. Mizmo tubes are great for this presentation. Bites are coming on the initial fall, so watch your line and feel for the fish when you lift the bait after the initial fall! Fluorocarbon line provides all the sensitivity, but also less stretch to set the hook better on short notice bites and makes it easier to pry fish out of thick grass.