Fishing on the Potomac: Cooling off period!

Fishing on the Potomac: Cooling off period!
December 26, 2011, 12:05 am
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By Steve Chaconas
Fishing on the

Recent dry and calm conditions have left Potomac River water relatively clear. Weve passed the shortest day of the year and will get more sunshine to warm up the food chain and shorter nights reduce the cooling off period. Water temperatures start around 40 early, possibly rising to 45. Late morning falling tides coincide with the warmest part of the day, favorable for cold-water fishing! NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, The warm spell is over for now as temperatures will get to the low 50s and drop overnight to the mid 30s, not bad for late December. Sunshine will dominate the upcoming weather pattern with a chance of rain on Tuesday and a better chance for New Years weekend.

With high water early, work Flat CB DR cranks and suspending jerkbaits like Lucky Craft Pointers 78 near cover out of the current and along drop-off edges. But after the tide starts to fall, target drop offs. Fish really havent started bunching up in typical winter patterns, as water has been warm with temperatures around 50 last week. Fish are being caught on the bottom dragging baits horizontally and shaking.

The best bait continues to be Punisher Hair jigs. Hand tied craft hair holds air and is in constant motion while sitting. Plastic chunks add a bit of bulk and loud Punisher metal rattles call them in. Shake on 6-pound test Gamma copolymer line on spinning gear. Cast Mizmo tubes and 3-inch avocado Manns Stingray grubs on ounce heads. Spray plastics and hair jigs with Jacks Juice garlic every once in a while!

A Silver Buddy should be worked down drops. Target steep drop-offs near shore in out-of-the-current areas. Pay attention to your temperature gauge, 2 degrees can change the mood of the fish.