Fishing on the Potomac: The bass are biting


Fishing on the Potomac: The bass are biting

Steve Chaconas
Fishing on the Potomac

The FLW Tour and BFL All American events are finished and the pro patterns were just as expected. Some targeted crowded but scarce grass beds. Others picked apart scattered cover. This week well see rising tides in the morning with low tides coming later in the day.

Water temperatures should remain around 75. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, Weather will be a bit unsettled with scattered afternoon thunderstorms most of the week. Otherwise showers for Wednesday and clouds for Friday. Daytime highs will be near 80 and overnight lows in the mid to upper 60s.

Some fish are still spawning, but most are off beds and are holding tight to cover closer to deeper water and on outside grass edges. The pros used a variety of tactics, including crankbaits like the Lucky Craft 1.5 RT on hard cover and around grass. Gamma fluorocarbon 12-pound test will allow baits to get down to cover and is strong enough to pull them out. In clearer water, try Lucky Craft Pointer 78 lures.

Jigs with craw trailers either pitched or swimming through grass or around hard cover worked as well. Toss in a dose of chatter jigs in white and blackblue patterns.

Dont overlook soft plastics. Baits like the Mizmo Swamp Monster in the smaller size were effective through most of the tides. Mizmo tubes with Mustad 30 Ultra Point tube hooks work too. Green pumpkin varieties Texas rigged. A good soaking in garlic Jacks Juice will also help.

Its still a good time to use drop shot and shaky head on any beds and near beds. Start looking for the topwater bite to emerge any day now as the water gets warmer and clearer and as fish come off post spawn into summer patterns.

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WWE wrestler does Josh Norman's bow & arrow celebration in the ring

WWE wrestler does Josh Norman's bow & arrow celebration in the ring

Josh Norman's bow and arrow celebration isn't just a football thing anymore.

Committed Redskins fan Luke Harper, who is a pro wrestler in the WWE, brought out Norman's signature move inside the ring during a recent match. And he did his best to let Norman know about it afterward — as well as Roger Goodell. 

In a post on Twitter, Harper made sure not only to tag the Washington corner, but the NFL's main account, in hopes of drawing the eye of the commissioner. "I'll celebrate for ya," he wrote to Norman.

Also in that tweet is this video, which shows Harper's rendition of the celebration. It's pretty on the money:

Unlike Norman, it doesn't look like Harper was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct by the referee.


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Daniel Winnik loses part of his ear after taking puck to the head

Daniel Winnik loses part of his ear after taking puck to the head

There was a scary moment for Daniel Winnik in the Caps' 4-2 win over the Florida Panthers on Thursday.

With the Caps clinging to a one-goal lead in the third period, Winnik went for the shot block but mistimed his dive. As his momentum carried his body, the shot ended up hitting him in the side of the head as he turned to try and protect his face.

Winnik stayed down for several seconds but was able to skate off under his own power. He even returned to the ice several minutes later and finished the game.

Following the game, head coach Barry Trotz provided an update.

"Trainers looked at him, he was just fine, he's missing a piece of his ear."

Trotz followed that by saying, "It's just a small piece."

Oh, well that's no big deal then. You can see Trotz's full comments in the video above.

There are moments in hockey that always make you realize how tough these guys are. Losing a part of your ear after taking a puck to the head? Yeah, that qualifies.

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