Fishing on the Potomac: Another Week on the Move!


Fishing on the Potomac: Another Week on the Move!

By Steve Chaconas
Fishing on the Potomac

With falling morning tides, fish will be over grass beds or near shoreline cover like wood and pads.

Another week like last with moving lures the best choice. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, Cool nights and mornings will provide a chilly start around 70 with a chance of rain on Monday. Partly cloudy skies all week. Highs this week around 85 before warming into the weekend.

Another week of topwaters early into mid to late morning with cloud cover. Try poppers like Lucky Craft G-Splash 80s or walkers like the Gunfish. Toss hollow frogs like Manns Super frog in white with clear water or black with some stain and Manns HardNose toads with a 70 Mustad swimbait hook on braid.

For moving lures as the tide falls, try chatterjigs, Manns Baby 1-Minus and Swimbaits like HardNose SwimShads on 16-pound test GAMMA Edge Fluorocarbon line with a 7 foot Quantum swimbait rod for single hook baits. For treble hooks use the KVD Quantum cranking rod.

If the suns out, cast weightless stick worms like Mizmos Quiver Stix rigged Texas style on a 30 Mustad Mega Bite hook. For wacky rigs, use either 20 Mustad weedless wacky rig hooks or a size 2 Mustad Octopus hook. Both available in RED and recommended! GAMMA Edge fluorocarbon tied to 20 pound braided line on spinning gear will help to skip this bait, allowing it to free fall. Watch line for movement or twitches!

Texas rigged Mizmo Tubes in green pumpkin patterns pitched to grass edges and deeper ends of shoreline cover or pads will work if the sun is out.

Soak all soft plastics in garlic Jacks Juice bait spray to get fish to hold on longer.

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Bradley Beal still feels 'salty' every time Wizards come to play Hawks

Bradley Beal still feels 'salty' every time Wizards come to play Hawks

ATLANTA -- The seeds of Bradley Beal's max contract were planted at Philips Arena two years ago, when the shooting guard showed he can run a team and be an elite player on the ball with John Wall injured during the Wizards' semifinal series with the Atlanta Hawks.

"I still have a salty feeling about that," Beal said after the Wizards held shootaround Thursday morning before they opened the regular season at 6:30 p.m. ET on CSN.

"I do. They're a great team. They beat us and I'm still salty about that. Every time we play here it's always competitive."

The Wizards lost that series in six games. Wall broke his hand and wrist in multiple places and missed three games. In his absence, Beal had 22 assists for a 7.3 average and still averaged 23.6 points. 

Now with coach Scott Brooks putting greater focus on Beal running the offense more to help Wall, it can make both dual threats on a consistent level that has been absent. The three games was a small sample size, but it was a snapshot of what Beal could be not only if he stays healthy but allowed more freedom. 

The Wizards invested $128 million in him for that to come to fruition, but Beal has to avoid what happened to him in his first game in Atlanta last year. He missed time with his first injury courtesy of a knee to the shoulder that kept him out with a contusion for two weeks. His season never could get back on track.


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Capitals daily quote: 'You can't be half in'

Capitals daily quote: 'You can't be half in'

The Capitals have a lot to lament after Wednesday’s 4-1 defeat in Edmonton. They’re still not scoring. The special teams are still struggling. And the second periods, well, they haven’t been great.

But it has also become clear what’s irking Coach Barry Trotz the most. And it’s not poor execution.  

“We've got the right elements to do what we can do. But there has to be a level of everybody [being] all in. You can’t be half in. I know there’s a lot of games in the regular season. But there’s a lot good teams, and we saw a good one tonight in the Edmonton Oilers. They played very well. You can’t let your foot off the gas in this league or you find yourself in a hole sometimes.”

It’s not hard to decipher what Trotz is getting at. He wants better focus and commitment from certain individuals as the team heads to Vancouver for a Saturday night meeting with the Canucks.

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