Cooling Off and Heating up!!

Cooling Off and Heating up!!
December 9, 2012, 3:30 pm
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By Steve Chaconas, Fishing on the Potomac

Tides will be favorable this week for moving lures, but it's the small stuff on Iight line that’s key this week! 

Water temperatures will be in the low to mid 40s and has been fairly clear with 3 feet of visibility. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “Monday will be warm again into the mid 60s under cloudy skies before a front passes through yielding to rain and clouds for the day on Tuesday as temperatures fall to the mid 40s before getting clearer and into the mid 50s for the weekend.”

For moving lures, try Mann's Classic ¼-ounce at the lowest tides on 12-pound test GAMMA Edge Fluorocarbon. Line. Fish the deeper edges of shallow cover. Same goes for cranks like the Lucky Craft GDS DR. Tie this crank to 10-pound test GAMMA Copoly. Slow presentations with both of these. Also try Lucky Craft Pointer 78 jerkbaits with long pauses.

The key this week will be using soft plastics and hair jigs along with drop shot and split shot rigs. All soft plastics and jigs get a spray of Jack's Juice garlic bait spray. My favorite bait now is the 3-inch avocado Mann’s Stingray Grub on a 1/4-ounce ball head jig. A close 2nd is a 1/4-ounce black/blue Punisher Hair jig with a Punisher rattle also working well fished slowly. Drop shot and split shot rigs with 3/16-ounce weights a 2/0 Mustad Mega Lite hook. Mann’s 5-inch HardNose Finesses worm in green pumpkin is catching fish too. For all of these, I like 6-pound test GAMMA Copoly on Quantum EXO spinning gear. Look for steep drops or holes out of the current or where obstructions slow the water. Rotate techniques and casting angles for best results.  Slow down!

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