Wow, THAT was brutal

Wow, THAT was brutal
November 16, 2010, 4:47 pm
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

By Ivan Carter Contributor

Cheers! I just got back from jolly 'ol London where I had several pints (Ok, more than several), saw a bunch of cool sights (no lack of history of in London, let me tell you) and two English Premier League matches (Tottenham on Sat, Chelsea on Sun - what an experience). Now I'm back and ready to roll....

- Well, the good news for the Redskins is that there is a ton of football left to be played and last night's brutal loss to the Eagles doesn't have to define their season. Still, that was as bad a beating as I've seen a team take and the way Michael Vick and the Eagles offense toyed with the Skins D was telling. It's not often you see even bad NFL defenses get chewed up like that. I would give a ton of money to be in Jim Haslett's defensive meetings this week and hear what goes on.

-As for Vick, his performance was right up there with the best I've ever seen regardless of position. How smart does Andy Reid look right now for how he's handled the VickKolb thing and for letting Donovan McNabb go when he did?

-I wasn't as quick as some to jump in on the McNabb contract news yesterday because I had a feeling that, as usual, the devil would be in the details as they say. And sure enough, the deal only truly guarantees DM 3.75 million but potentially could make him a bunch more IF the Skins decide to keep him on after the season and IF he hits some incentives. Looks like a good deal for both sides to me. The Skins can see where this thing is going heading into the offseason and so can DM. As fans, are your feelings any different now that you've seen the terms?

-I'm going to reserve any kind of hard opinion on the LaRon Landry accusations until more information emerges. I will say this: can't recall too many times when a player lied about getting spit in his face. Just saying.....

-We'll be all over the Skins loss and its aftermath on today's show with former GM Charley Casserly and Post Skins reporter Barry Svrluga....Check out the show at 5, replay at 11:30. Get involved at twitter.comwashpostlive.

-Before I go, I would strongly suggest checking out London sometime if you have not had the chance. Just a great city with tons to do and very friendly people. And, whether you like soccer or not, you absolutely should try to attend an EPL match at some point. Just an amazing sporting experience.