Wiz rookie single-minded about defense

Wiz rookie single-minded about defense
December 14, 2011, 11:45 pm
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By Asad Naqvi

Would I consider him a LeBron Stopper? Not just yet. Nowadays, virtually nobody can stop LeBron, unless there are only 12 minutes left in the game. But if you are talking about a player who can possibly hold his own on the defensive end against a superstar of that caliber, then yes, you are looking at someone who could possibly change the landscape of this team.

Im talking about Chris Singleton.

Andray Blatche cant stop saying his name, not just because its easy to pronounce, but also because he sees something in his rookie teammate already that can spark the defensive mind.

Singleton does something most of these Wizards havent been able to in recent years: play defense. Hes dedicated to it, and it reminds me of watching Bruce Bowen. He would play defense with passion and loved it. I see that in Singleton, I also see Singleton playing a huge role this season. Some people dont expect much out of the rookies, but this is something different.

The guy stands 6 feet 9 and weighs about 230. Hes athletic and has a 7-foot wingspan. Thats pretty scary and downright awesome. Finally, the Wizards can have something they havent had in a while: an athletic small forward who plays defense.

By no means am I saying Singleton will stop any of the superstars, but he has the potential to become a great defensive player and possibly rub it off on other players to put just as much effort on defense as they do on offense.