Wiz need to get running shoes on

Wiz need to get running shoes on
January 26, 2012, 2:58 pm
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New coach Randy Wittman wants his team to play even more uptempo, and he made certain it's known he feels that the Wizards' conditioning is an issue.

"Everybody wants to run and every player you would ever talk to wants to run, but we do have to get in shape to run now," Wittman said after the 95-78 win over Charlotte Wednesday night at Verizon Center.

"We had 31 points in the first quarter, and I thought we ran out of gas a little in the second quarter. If we want to run, weve got to get in here and do extra work if we want to push the ball."

Wizards guard Nick Young scored 20 points to lead the Wizards in Wittmans first game as head coach, and I asked him if he agreed with Wittman's assessment about the team's overall condition.

"I thought I was in good enough shape but after he Wittman told us to play full-court defense and all this, it was kind of tough, so Ive got to get on that treadmill," Young said.

Up comfortably late in the fourth quarter, Wittman opted to put Young and John Wall back in solely for fitness purposes.

"I thought I was good, conditioning-wise," Wall said. "I was tight when I got back in because I had been sitting so long, but you do whatever the coach says."

Wall scored 12 points, had six assists and grabbed four rebounds in just 26 minutes of playing time.

The 3-15 Wizards will travel to face Houston (10-8) Friday night.