Wiz Extreme: A Peek Inside The Wizards Playbook

Wiz Extreme: A Peek Inside The Wizards Playbook
October 27, 2010, 1:39 am
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010 9:38 p.m.

By Asad Naqvi of WizardsExtreme


Flip Saunders wants to teach the young Wiz Kids a thing or two about his offense. This is no Al Saunders 700-page playbook, but it's enough to put in an iPad. Before training camp started, Flip Saunders got all of his players an iPad, which contained his playbook (except for Andray Blatche, who said he already had two of them.) What the average fan does not know is that Flip Saunders is using his iPad for a different reason and that's to improve his in-game coaching ability and the face of coaching for good.

There is a new program in the basketball world that was designed to help enhance the teaching for any coach, especially professional coaches like Flip Saunders. It is called Game Time Concepts. The program produces live, up to the second stats and provides the best option for choosing a play.

For example, when there is two minutes to go in the game and Flip Saunders wants to know what play to run, assistant coach Ryan Saunders (his son) will look at the iPad and see what the program chooses, then pick the necessary play. This is all based off analytical stats that are in real time.

Think of "Ask Madden," when you think of this new program. Flip told me that he has been using it and it's been working great for him with no issues.

I recently sat down with the co-creator of this program; he goes by the name Das. He is a well-known entrepreneur, and owner of Shadow Lounge, one of the biggest night clubs in the Washington, DC area. He partnered up with Saunders to create this monstrosity of a program.

As I interviewed Das, I could see the passion and confidence as he explained the in's and out's of this program. As he was talking, all I could think of is how this program could change basketball forever.

"It looks at the history to help protect the future," Das explained.

He went onto say that Game Time Concept is a "crystal ball" and the way this program works, I could see why he calls it that.

The program has stats called OER, Offensive Efficiency Ratio. OER basically shows the effectiveness of the playbook. For example, if you have 100 plays in your playbook, you run twenty of them; it will show how many times you ran that play and how many times it worked. Based on that, it will give you a percentage and even give you the top 5 plays along with a chart of shot selection. It's truly difficult to explain how the program works unless you see it for yourself but hopefully these screen shots will help you:

The program is available to any coach interested in it. Many teams have reached out to Flip and Das, including teams from the NCAA. Here is the list of teams:

NCAA: University of Kentucky, Michigan State, Texas, Georgetown, North Carolina State, Baylor, Utah, George Washington, and the University of Memphis.

NBA: Toronto Raptors, New Orleans Hornets, Boston Celtics.

I am sure that there are many more teams who will reach out to both Das and Flip once the popularity grows. One question arises though: Will this program be given out to a team like the Miami Heat or Cleveland Cavaliers (because they will definitely need it)? Yes, because the program is open for any basketball coach who wants it. That may frighten Wizards' fans if Miami coach Erik Spoelster gets his hands on the program.

Game Time Concepts will change the way coaches' coach and game plan.